Morris Minor 1000 57
I acquired this Minor in 1990 and. since then, I have been restoring it slowly up to the fall of 97 when it was completed. Its ideal cruising speed is 50 mph. So, I have forget my need for speed while driving this car.

Under its Volkswagen Beetle's look, lies a real british car with all its qualities and inconvenients. A capricious electric system and the simplicity of the mecanic. As suggested by my daughter Marie-Josée, I named it "Théophile". Ha! the youth and its crazy ideas!

This car was once the property of the rental used cars compagny Rent-A-Wreck. It was used as a promotional vehicule.

Théophile, or simply Théo for the intimates, was then painted yellow with a rust prof paint of the Tremclad type. Furthemore, you could read the name of the rental company on each side of the car.

Look closely to the interior prior to restoration. The central intrument control, the two glovebox and the big hatchway that gives access to the transmission and the brake liquid container are all particularities of this car interior.
After a complete scowing, we see it here, attach to my personnal car. It is now ready for the paint shop and a long new live.
Almost done you might say? Wrong! it's never truly over. Even though it is back with its original color, British Racing Green, there are still plenty of finishing details and some retouch to the mecanic to be done.

Here is the final result, welcome Théophile. This beautiful small car is easily distinguishable from the usual British convertible we see here in Québec.

This pretty and light car is full of surprises. A not to much reliable Positif Ground electric system, only the passager door is lockable by key, braking is an hazardous adventure, the trunk is divided in two ... There's more.

One good thing is that I have a lot of choices for parts in Québec. Notably with:

Christian Hollum, Lachine, (514) 639 4639

Les Pièces Anglaises Mario Boies, La Prairie, (450) 444 2900