Alkaline Trio - Sorry About That
Intro     A5 - E5 - D5 - A5 - E5 - D5  
A5        E5        D5
It hasn't been that long 
         A5           E5     D5 
Since we drank to the sunset,  until it was gone 
A5       E5                        D5 
and down with it went our pain and fear 
          A5              E5               D5
as we slowly broke contact more and more with every beer 
       A5                 E5      D5            
and we passed out in each other's arms 
A5                  E5                
both admitting we'd never felt better 
Never felt so warm 
A5           E5           D5
But awoke in each other's eyes 
A5                E5
Without wearing a stitch of clothing 
we were both deeply in disguise 
A5               D5            F#m5                   E5
and maybe I just set aside the fact that you were broken hearted 
A5        E5              D5  D5 C#5 B5 A5 G#5 A5
In my own special selfish way 
A5        E5                  F#m5                    E5
and if I hadn't set aside the fact that you were broken hearted 
A5                    E5             D5 D5 C#5  
Hell knows where your heart would be today 
B5  A5  G#5  A5 
May-be  with-me 
Jouer l’intro
A5                 E5      D5
It seems like it's been so long 
         A5                 E5                    D5 
since we kissed through the darkness until it was dawn 
A5         E5                D5 
Up with it came our pain and fear 
A5                E5
that we'd already lost each other 
We both knew that the end was near 
A  Asus2  A  E  A  Asus2  A  E  D  A  Asus2  A  E 
A  Asus2  A  E  D  C#  B  A  G#  A  A  A  A  A
Maybe with me,  Maybe with meee




Bruno Leclerc :