Preliminary Results

Conditions of acquisition for the techniques of MRI and MRS were established according to the results obtained with volunteers. For example, the figure below shows a magnetic resonance spectrum acquired in the liver of a healthy volunteer where the calculation of the lipid/water ratio by the software LCModel shows a relative percentage of 5,8%. The conditions of acquisition of the DWI and the DEI are also optimized. The measurements repeated on the same subject showed that the reproducibility of the technique was very satisfactory. The following stage, that is to say the take of measurements among subjects controls and patients having steatosis can now begin.

MRS spectra of a healthy volounteer showing the lipid to water peak area ratio. During acquisition, the subject has to stop breathing for increasing the signal quality. Moreover, the water signal has to be saturated because of its over presence in the liver. Finally, the spectra is treated with informatics to eliminate the noise that degrades the curve.

Communication :

RUEL, M., LEPANTO, L., BILODEAU, M. & BOULANGER, Y. : Noninvasive quantitation of liver triglycerides in steatosis methods using MR methods. International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Fifteenth Scientific Meeting and Exhibition, Berlin, Germany, 2007.