Turbo KA24DE Install

Martin and I have finally started working on the car! The steps were basically, get it on the hoist and tear off anything that will get in the way, including the stock exhaust, front bumper cover, front bumper, front lights, hood and stock manifold (this was a @%#$ because the bolt on the EGR tube would cooperate. Noko (Martin's wife) was kind enough to make really nice fender covers so we didn't have to remove them. By the way, the second "cat" seen in the picture of the exhaust is in fact totally empty. I needed to check 'cause I always thought that was retarded. Well it still is retarded, but it's true!

We then installed the fuel pump (sorry no pics) and started work on welding the manifold. Finding a position to mount the turbo was a little bit challenging because of the size of the compressor housing and the slope in the hood. Anyway, we played around with it a little, found a good spot and Martin welded up the manifold. The location for the EGT probe had to be moved from where it's seen in the picture because of the downpipe. Luckily, we realized this immediately, before the manifold was complete and ceramic coated... This is how the turbo and the wastegate are mounted when the manifold is in place.

We then removed the oil pan, welded the return line fitting in place and painted it for good measure. At some point I installed the FMU and finished up the fuel side of things. We also removed the radiator and installed the electric fan and its temperature sensor.

With the turbo position known, we figured out the best way to run the intercooler piping: the compressor housing is clocked down and the IC piping runs through this hole near the wheel well and along the frame in the area where the stock air box resonator is. The air filter will also be located in that area, outside of the engine compartment. This provides cold air to the compressor and locates the MAF far from the turbo. By doing things this way, we don't even have to move the power steering or A/C lines.

And here are pics of Martin's hardcore intercooler (Griffin core) and end tanks: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6. And when it's installed on the car, this is what it looks like... He is now completing the cold pipe section that comes off of the thottle body.

For those of you who have never seen Martin's shop, this is what it looks like. Notice the red tops ready to be installed when my car is done...

More pictures to come!

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