My collection I started collecting bottle caps 16 years ago. I started by picking up bottle caps on the streets in my neighbourhood when I was 12. My objective was to transform the crown caps into pins, ie to hammer the rim on the back of the crown, paint the face and stick a safety pin on the back. The project never came to light. Instead, I started grouping bottle caps and collecting statistics to determine what beer is consumed the most. This was my motivation to keep on collecting more bottle caps. One day, I don't remember when and how, it became a bottle cap collection. I traded for the first time in 1995 when I was a student at the Université Laval. As a student, I had access to the Internet. At that time we used Mosaic since neither Netscape nor Internet Explorer existed then. I posted an ad on a collector web site and I received an email a few months later from Kees Booij. I had then comleted my first trade. In 1996, I received an email from Armando Arauz with whom I did a second trade. I had been quiet until I graduated from university. Then I started to look actively for new trade partners. Since then my collection has grown quickly. In 1999, I had 900 caps in my collection, In January 2000, my collection contained 1250. In 2001, my collection reached 2500. The next year, it tripled. And in 2003, my collection doubled and contained 15000 different caps. Today, my collection is 22500 different crown caps! Up until I did my first trade in 1995, the back of my bottle caps were glued on nails and laid out on large wooden pieces. My collection was small at that time and included bottle caps other than crown caps. I discovered the negative preserver sheet during my first trade with Kees. Also, when visiting Nando Bechtold's web site, I discovered a new way of storing caps which I have adopted. I now store my caps on wooden plates and into negative preserver sheets. Statistics As of June 2004, my collection has 22500 different bottle caps. The most represented countries are Canada (4000), Germany (3000) and the USA (2200). Trades Most of my duplicates are on this web site, in the section Traders. I collect crown caps. These crown caps may come from beer, soda, ciders, coolers, etc. I do not collect plain caps. How to reach me My address: Frédéric Lacroix 10 Paul-Claudel Gatineau, Québec J9J 2R5 Canada Email: Crownvention North In 2001, I attended my first Crownvention. It was the first edition of the canadian convention, theCrownvention North. It was held in Brockville, a city located at 75 minutes from Ottawa. Another edition of the Crownvention North wa held in 2002 and 2003 at the same place. If you are interested in attending the Crownvention North 2003, please email Laurence Moyer. First Crownvention North held in Brockville, Ontario, 2001 From up to bottom, left to right: Frédéric Lacroix, Rich Pav (USA), Daniel Vine, Laurent Lecerf and his fils ?, David Bree Pierre L'Écuyer, Laurence Moyer, Algis Kibirkstis, Margaret Walker, ?