Molson Canadian The Gardens (large font)
Caps In Set: 72
Year: 1999
Description: Set released in Ontario (Toronto only?) only in 1999, to commemorate the last year of The Gardens (homeof the Toronto Maple Leafs, an hockey team).

The list below represents the entire set.
1,100 tons of gravel was used to build The Gardens
14 miles of pipe was used to create the ice surface
1962 was the first year Zamboni machines were used at The Gardens
230,000 haylite blocks were used to build The Gardens
3 different score clocks have been used in The Gardens
540 kegs of nails were used to build The Gardens
950,000 board feet of lumber was used to build The Gardens
A power plant was installed at The Gardens in 1946
April 25, 1965 - The Rolling Stones play The Gardens
Board signage was introduced to The Gardens in 1989
During the rebellion of 1837 a battle was fought on the site of The Gardens
Escalators were installed in The Gardens in 1955
Feb. 6, 1934 - 1st North American speed skating championships
First proposed site for The Gardens was Yonge and Fleet Street
Glass replaced the link fence lining the boards in 1947
Green and Grey seating sections were recovered for $250,000
In 1978 The Gardens held 290 attractions in 365 days
July 1, 1967 - Mamas and Papas play at The Gardens
June 11, 1970 - Tom Jones performs at The Gardens
June 9, 1978 - Bob Marley and the Wailers perform at The Gardens
Mar. 1 1, 1973 - Pink Floyd performs at The Gardens
Mar. 8, 1943 - 1st time the Ice Capades visited The Gardens
March 21, 1969 - The Doors perform at The Gardens
May 1, 1978 - David Bowie performs at The Gardens
May 1, 1978 - Frank Sinatra performs at The Gardens
May 15, 1979 — Van Halen performs at The Gardens
May 3, 1969 - Jimi Hendrix performs at The Gardens
May 31, 1950 - The Gardens hosted the Jack Benny Show
New Red Seats were installed in The Gardens in 1978
New additions made to the dressing rooms at The Gardens in 1974
New press boxes were built on the East side of The Gardens in 1965
Nov. 10, 1934 - 1st penalty shot in The Gardens
Nov. 18, 1941 - Ice Follies visit The Gardens for the 1st time
Oct. 23, 1951 - The Harlem Globetrotters first visited The Gardens
Oct. 28, 1952 the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis show - top price was $4.00
Oct. 31, 1942 - 1st time the regular hockey season opened in October at The Gardens
Oct. 7, 1979 - Abba performs at The Gardens

Over 1,200 people were employed to build The Gardens
Over 100 million people have been entertained at The Gardens since 1931
Over 2,000 player interviews have taken place in the TV studio at The Gardens
Over 750,000 bricks were used to build The Gardens
Penalty clocks were installed in The Gardens in 1936
Red seats turn into Golds and Blue seats into Reds, in 1974
Second proposed site for The Gardens was Knox College on Spadina Ave.
Sept. 20, 1944 - Bob Hope Show, tickets were sold for war savings stamps
Sept. 21, 1942 - A public war rally was held at The Gardens
Sept. 4, 1971 · Led Zeppelin performs at The Gardens
Sept. 7, 1964 - The Beatles perform at The Gardens - Top ticket price was $5.50
Television came to The Gardens in 1952
The 67 original boxes were completed in 1981
The Gardens Gold seating section was introduced in 1974
The Gardens North & South Blue seating sections were added in 1966-67
The Gardens contains 13 million cubic feet of space
The Gardens is the last of the original 6 team buildings being used
The Gardens occupies 282 ft. along Church St.
The Gardens occupies 350 ft. along Carlton St.
The Gardens officially opened at 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 12, 1931
The Gardens opening night attendance was 13,233
The Gardens original score clock was not replaced until 1967
The Gardens original score clock weighed 3 1/2 tons
The Gardens originally included a 2 lane bowling alley
The Gardens originally included a billiards room
The Gardens originally included a gymnasium
The Gardens seating capacity increased to 16,307 in 1968
The Gardens towers 13 stories above street level
The Gardens was built during the Great Depression
The Gardens was built to accommodate the growing number of hockey fans in Toronto
The land The Gardens was built on was bought for an estimated $350,000
The original TV studio introduced in 1952 is still used today
The original penalty box was located between the team benches
The standing room section can hold an estimated 178 people
Thomas Brothers Construction Company built The Gardens