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Welcome to the RealDM official website.



Thursday, May 9'th, 2002.

Over the Next few days, I'll be adding proximity (locational) damage into the code. (eg: headshots are more damage then a bullet in the leg). I'll also indicate via server messages how someone was killed (eg: X killed Y with a Dragunov in the throat).




RealDM is a Quake 3 Arena modification which uses realistic guns in these game styles:

- FFA DM (Free For All DeathMatch)

- TDM (Team DeathMatch)

- CTF (Capture The Flag)




Weapons in RealDM will be easilly recognized from other games such as CS (Counter-Strike), TO (Tactical Operations) and Rogue Spear.

These weapons will include:

- Colt m4a1 (Codename Commando)

- Colt m16

- H & K mp5(sd) (silencer optional with secondary fire)

- Deagle (Desert Eagle, a must have pistol)


- Steyr Aug

- Dragunov or SV-98 (which would include an optional silencer)

- Beretta 9mm (with optional silencer)

- A knife (2 maximum carried at any given time, and be able to throw them and pick them up)





Teams in RealDM will be differentiated by uniform color, rather then 'Good guys' Vs 'Bad guys'. Uniforms will be realistic military uniforms and will resemble the ones found in Rogue Spear, we will likely have 2 to chose from in the first release, but will later on have more to chose from, and the server creator will chose which to use.

The course of a match will go as follows:

- The first time you connect, you will be brought to the weapons menu. Here you will chose your primary weapon, you will have a choice between a few SMG's, a few assault rifles and a few sniper rifles. You will then have to chose which secondary weapon you want (pistol). The last item you will chose will be your grenades, of which you will have a maximum stock of 3, you will be able to have as many of each kind of grenades as you want, as long as the total is less or equal to 3. Note: each player will be given 2 knifes, with which he can either stab or throw at another player. Also note that players will be able to pickup knives thrown by others, so throw wisely.

- Once you have chosen all your weapons you simply need to hit the enter game button and you will spawn.

- If you end up spawning in the middle of a fight, don't worry, you will have a few seconds of armor to protect you, at which time you can run away and take cover.

- If you wish to chose other weapons, you will simply have to hit a bound button. In order to actually use those weapons you will have wait until the next time you die and respawn, or simply suicide and lose one point on your frag count.

- If the match is set to FFA DM (Free For All DeathMatch) or TDM (Team DeathMatch) the match will last until the frag count hits the frag limit.

- If the match is set to CTF (Capture The Flag) the match will last until the capture limit is hit.




If you want to have your map included in the first release, I will be accepting most types of realistic maps which are well done, don't worry about any gun placement or spawning areas as of yet. Anything that looks like real world maps will be accepted and credited rightfuly. If you wish to join the team as a mapper, simply send me an email and explain why you want to join the team, you can join just for one map if you want, any help is welcome.




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