Snook Fish Mailbox

"With a Snook fish Mailbox, obtain a personal touch to your home or make a great home decor gift that will be treasured for years to come."

Snook fish mailbox
This Snook fish mailbox, now your bills can sleep with the fishes!! This great mailbox is made of a high impact ploy resin. The bright metallic finish has been certified with UV approval to hold up to sunlight and extreme weather conditions. Hooks are a bendable plastic.Designed to fit a standard 2" * 4" or 4" * 4" post (not included)
"...This makes a wonderful gift."
Size :
Walleye fish Mailbox approximately 36" long

**Durable ABS Construction with UV Inhibitors
**Conforms to U.S. Postal Regulations
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Snook Fish
$ 188.00
Tax     00.00
Insurance     Include
Shipping & handling   (United States only) $ 00.00
TOTAL $ 188.00
Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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