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57 Red Mailbox

"With a 57 Red Chevy Mailbox, obtain a personal touch to your home or make a great home decor gift that will be treasured for years to come."

57 Red Chevy mailbox
Allow 1 to 2 weeks for your 57 Green Red mailbox to be custom made for you. Our mailboxes are constructed by hand, one at a time, using only quality materials. Each mailbox is constructed out of 3/4 inch exterior plywood and heavy duty pine. They are painted with exterior high gloss house paint and finished with six coats of polyurethane. Our mailboxes are built around standard U.S. Postal approved mailboxes. Want a different color? Or your address hand painted on? Or do you have an idea for a mailbox that you don't see here? Custom orders are no problem, since each mailbox is made just for you. The craftsman that make mailboxes for us take great pride in the amount of detailing and try to work into each one of the mailboxes. FREE SHIPPING.
(post not included).
Size of the mailbox only without additional design pieces attached:
8-3/4" H x 6-1/2" W x 19" D
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57 Red Chevy
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Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery