blogue bilingue en quete d'identite
Who is

Thirty-something woman, lives in Montréal, with a little bit of nostalgia for the time she spent in San Francisco where she worked in the multimedia publishing industry and studied film. Moved back to Québec to be near her family, to experience seasons again and to work as a reporter for a high tech tv show which is no longer produced by CBC. Tries to make a living as a freelance journalist for magazines and Web sites, and segment producer for tv shows. Enjoys high tech related stories and gizmos but enjoys writing even more, which is a good excuse to update this blog.

Doesn’t know what she’ll make of this blog exactly. Useful for work, of course, as ground for experimentation. Cool way to keep in touch with friends and meet new people. But still, hope someday to make more of it. As they all do.

We'll just have to see.

Why bilingual?

Because she spent a good part of her life in the U.S. where she still has a lot of friends. Because her daily life is almost exclusively spent speaking French and that's fine, since she's in Québec, but a big part of her cultural life takes place in English (books, movies, music) and she wants to keep those English muscles in good shape.

Can't she make up her mind?

No, apparently not. She's also somewhat commitment phobic (yeah, women can be like that too). She hasn't even been able to commit to a domain name, a web site host, and a blogging tool. She keeps thinking she's going to move everything somewhere else, and make it better, while realizing that this applies to a lot of stuff in her life. Misère...
Déjà vu