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Compiled over RTP 6.2 NC

Last Release :  0.5B for x86 on 04 January 2003.  0.5B changes.
Previous Release :  0.5A-2 for x86 on 24 October 2002.  0.5A-2 changes.

Version in development : 0.5C for x86, last updated 24 Febuary 2003. 0.5C changes.

Source files : 0.5C for x86

Compiled over RTP 6.1

Previous Release :  0.4E for x86 on 19 August 2002.  0.4E changes.
Previous Release :  0.4D for x86 on 20 May 2002.  0.4D changes.
Previous release : 0.4C for x86 on 20 Mars 2002.  0.4C changes.
Previous release : 0.4B for x86 on 21 February 2002.  0.4B changes.
Previous release : 0.4A for x86 on 11 February 2002.  0.4A changes.

Version in development : 0.5C for x86, last updated 24 Febuary 2003. 0.5C changes.

What is Workspace ?

Workspace is a powerful Photon native code editor. As a software developer, I designed Workspace to simplified my development process. Workspace is fully configurable, so no matter what language ( C/C++, JAVA, PHP, HTML, etc. ) you are programming, you can fully take advantage of all Workspace features.


Fully configurable
Powerful search
Syntax Highlighting
Multi-languages UI ( French, English, Spanish, German , Russian , Japanese , Portuguese, Korean, Chinese )
Multiple file Encoding ( ISO8859-1, UTF8, Cyrillic, etc. )
Ctags support
and more

Workspace Modules

Make interface
Gdb Interface
File Manager
Image Viewer
Archiver Interface

Minimum Requirements

Operating System : ( 0.4x )  RTP 6.1 and up, ( 0.5x ) RTP 6.2 and up
CPU : Pentium 100 and up
Hard Drive : 2 Mbytes of free space
RAM : 1 Mbytes of free memory.

How much ?

Workspace is free.
It is my contribution to the QNX developers community.

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