From 0.5A to 0.5A-2
- Fix internationnal encoding
From 0.4E to 0.5A
- Worked around the PxConfigReadString() and PxConfigWriteString() bug with the charater '#'
- Added search thru tags in the Editor Search Dialog
- Fix a small memory leak in the drawing routine
- Added String Format to the Special type in the Editor Syntax Highlighting
- Added multi-line Special type in the Editing Syntax Highlighting
- Fix Editor cursor positionning ( was drawn on top of i and l )
- Every list is now reshuffle to respect latest entry order, when an already existing entry is added.
- On Exit, now save the Workspace dimension and initialize on those dimension on launch.
- Fix problem with the Highlighting special type Pattern Match
- Fix the Alpha blending of the current line
- Added File encoding convertion to the Action Menu
- Added more Multi-Language UI to the Preferences
- Fix a bug in pattern match for multi-byte encoding. ( would go into an infinite loop on a multi-byte character line )
- Validation of the whole german UI by a german user.
- Changed all the PgExtentText() calls to PfExtentText() to use the new 6.2 font library. Gain 50% in speed.
- Added new Special type in the Editor Syntax highlighting Preferences ( Pattern Match )
- Added blinking current line background ( disabled thru the Preferences )
- Added blinking cursor ( disabled thru the Preferences )
- Updated ctags support to ctags 5.3 ( new Verilog support )
- Added Hexadecimal display to the editor ( not a binary editor )
- Added read only mode to the Editor.
- Now compiled over RTP 6.2 NC ( instead of RTP 6.1a )