From 0.5A-2 to 0.5B
04 january 2003
- Accelerated the use of Regular/Extended expression for Specials in the editor Syntax Highlighting.
- Added Auto-Complete ( using the Active Tags ).
- Added the "Convert tabs to spaces" Action.
- Added the tab emulation.
15 december 2002
- Fix scrolling off the Viewing window
- Added more Multi-Language UI to the Preferences
- Added a selection list to the "Jump to Tag" when multiple choices.
- If no text is highlighted to initialize the Search Dialog, the word under the cursor is noe used.
- On a succesfull search thru the Search Dialog the Quick Search pattern is set to the pattern searched.
- Fix clipping.
03 december 2002
- Fix openning files thru the Result List in the Make Interface, when Make output fullpath for the filename.
02 december 2002
- Fix the update of Column and Line number when changing line with the pointer.
- Eleminated the bell in the Gdb and Make Console and enabled Copy from the buffed lines.
- Fix the tracking of directory changes while compiling in the Make Interface. ( Fixes openning file thru the Result List) .
17 november 2002
- Added the -o command line option to disable the offscreen context management ( needed for phrelay )
- Updated Ctags support to Ctags 5.4
- Change the PtOSContainer usage for an internal management of offscreen context
- Debugging of the new internal editor architecture
10 november 2002
- Internal rearchitecturing of the editor.
- Eliminated the PtTty in the Make console
- Eliminated the PtTty in the Gdb console
- Added support for "Case Sensitive", "Use Regular Expression" in the Search Dialog for searching thru the tags.
- Fix a crash in the Preferences, when scrolling thru the Syntax Highlighting cfg.