From 0.5B to 0.5C

24 febuary 2003

Added a toggle to the Action menu for Starting/Stopping the deamon mode thread
Fix a scrolling bug with line wrapping.
Added support for importing keyword from a Vim syntax file. ( Preferences->Editor->Highlighting, Import button ).
Added Ctrl-m hotkey to the editor for jumping to matching pattern.

03 febuary 2003
- Added Ctrl-P hotkey for printing to the Editor, Gdb terminal, Gdb Assembly view and the Make terminal.
- Added more Help->Content
- Added an options in Preferences->Gdb for not generating the assembly code when loading a program in gdb.
- Added a field for the objdump binary full path in Preferences->Gdb
- Added a field for the gdb binary full path in Preferences->Gdb
- When closing an unsaved file, added Cancel to the warning dialog.
- When an opened file is reopen, the last modified time is now verify with the on-disk version and the user is notify is they differ.

29 january 2003
- Added a default configuration ( cfg 14 ) to enable tags syntax highlighting for language supported by ctags.
- Added the splash screen.

27 january 2003
- Added support for env variable in Preferences->Tags preload list
- Now sorts the autocomplete list.
- Added the Statistics view to the left pane.
- Change the left pane toolbar for a combo box.
- Added Stop button to the Editor Search when search thru directories recursively.
- Added ESC hotkey to the auto-complete list and the Jump to Tag list to close them.
- Save/Restore the editor search dialog dimensions