MAY 2000

You're going to publish a new CD... Is it new material?

No, the new CD is a compilation of songs from the first 3CDs, It is called AT THE DAWN OF A NEW MILLENNIUM. For us it marks the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new era for MYSTERY. The CD contains a song from the first CD that is not available anymore.

Why a compilation? Certainly not for 'commercial' reasons, I suppose!

No, not at all. When we released DESITNY? We were very happy about that CD and we had great hopes about touring etc… when we started to do some shows it was obvious that Gary the singer was not there anymore and the atmosphere was not very good at the time. This has stopped all touring plans and delayed the recording of the new CD. So I decided to release a compilation CD, I didn't think that we could do better than Destiny? and I didn't want to just release a CD that we are not satisfied with. The Compilation will give us the time to do a new CD in a nice and enjoyable atmosphere. And it will be a good CD for those who want to know who MYSTERY is

I really enjoyed "Destiny", its music ('Shadow of the Lake' is a gem) and its general concept about life . Was it successful?

Thank you, It did quite well, better than Theatre of the Mind. The reviews were fantastic and sales are still going up, It has been released in Europe on the MUSEA label and it is going well there also.

Mystery has a new line up now. Can you tell?

We have found a new Singer, his name is Benoît David, I had seen him sing 2 years ago at a Yes tribute concert and was very impress by his presence on stage and his voice. We have managed to find his phone number and he was not interested at first but when he heard the music he accepted right away. He has about the same range as Gary with a different tone but fits perfectly with the music of MYSTERY

Do you have any contacts with other Canadian prog bands such as Visible Wind for instance?

I have contact with them because of my UNICORN RECORDS business, I met Stephane form Visible Wind a few weeks ago and I have proposed him a few projects we will see what will come out of this. For some reasons, Progressive has gone down in Quebec, there were a lot of good bands but for some reason, most of them are not playing or recording anymore, I guess the lack of support from the music industry here compare to Europe is doing the difference. We have done a few concerts with Orhyzein and we hope to do some with Visible Wind or another band this summer.

You're from Quebec, a French speaking country. Why do you sing in English then?

I guess for the same reason Acid Dragon is in English ;-) I don't really know it sounds more natural to do rock in English, all we hear is in English and I guess the language becomes an instrument itself, Personally it is a lot more difficult to write in French than in English even though I speak French in my everyday life. We are thinking about doing a few songs in French in a near future we will see. We used a French narration on Destiny? as well.

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