Radio interview for La Llave Oculta

Recorded at Studio Illusion, Lorraine Québec, Canada. Sunday, October the 26 1997

1- What was the band journey? What can you tell me about the band musical antecedents?

Michel St-Père : I formed the band in 1986, so I had written about 20 songs in the studio with various musicians. In 1991 I decided to record a first CD for MYSTERY. So I got involved with gary on vocals and we started recording a 5 song CD and we released it in march of 1992. After that we were planning a Canadian tour but unfortunately our drummer fell sick. He got a very serious illness that left him paralyzed from the waist down so we decided to take a break at that point. During that period of transition, I started to write more songs and after that Gary and I entered the studio to record those songs for a period of one year and these songs would eventually become Theatre of the Mind. Upon the release of Theatre of the Mind in 96, we were able to obtain airplay from various countries such as France, Norway, Germany and of course Argentina. The reviews we received in various Progressive Rock magazine were also very very positive.

2- Which groups influence your music?

Gary Savoie : I grew up in the seventies rock era so I was listening to bands like : Edgar Winter, Deep Purple, Yes, Boston, Styx quite a bit. And from listening to all these bands, that had amazing ability to create melodies like instrumentally, vocally, I felt ready for the MYSTERY Project. The Songs, they have certain qualities to them, and of course when I met Michel, he was writing all kind of different styles like he could've went from Classical to Jazz, to Hard Rock so the room for me to express myself in any which way I wanted was there.

3- Which work did you made together and which work did on your own?

Michel St-Père : We released MYSTERY in 1992, after that we did Theatre of the Mind in 96 and we're getting ready to release DESTINY?, our new CD sometimes at the end of 97.

4- Have you made any tours?

Gary Savoie : Touring, No we haven't done any touring lately but we have played quite a few Bars in and around the Montreal area and we are planning in 1998 upon the release of our third album titled DESTINY? To go on a Canadian tour.

5- Is there any Progressive movement in your country? Do you think that Progressive movement can expand and grow?

Michel St-Père : Bands like Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Genesis have always been very very big in Canada but unfortunately the musical industry is very close-minded about the new progressive rock scene.è 6- What do you think when you're writing your music?

Michel St-Père : To me the writing process is very strange because I don't really understand it. It is more of a feeling, If you have to think about it won't happen, it has to come by itself.

7- Why have you decided to call the band MYSTERY?

Gary Savoie : Well initially the name of the band was CENTURY and then we found out later on that there was a band in France called CENTURY.

Michel St-Père : So we didn't have any other choice than to change the name of the band so the girlfriend of the keyboard player at the time just mentioned " Why don't you yourself MYSTERY ".

Gary Savoie : So we did!

8- Do you believe that being qualified as Progressive makes reference to an old fashion style or is it a good name so that your public and other musicians of the same wave can differentiate you?

Michel St-Père : To me Progressive Rock has a very wide range of musical style. As Gary mentioned earlier, it touches Jazz, Classical, New Age, Hard Rock . To us it doesn't make any reference to and old fashion style, it just give us the opportunity to expand into something new.

9- What can you tell me about next projects, tours, records?

Gary Savoie : Our next project happens to be DESTINY? And we're very exited about this project because we started as we told you earlier in 91 to record and here we are in 97, and we gained a lot of experience through trial and error. And of course the musicianship I think has gone up quite a few notches, we are a lot more comfortable with each others and I think this next album is going to be truly amazing.

10- Theatre of the Mind is a great work in the progressive music, what can you tell me about it?

Gary Savoie : Theatre of the Mind was a great challenge for us, I mean it was two years in the making, there was a number of I think of maybe 12 different musicians applying themselves and you know, giving their Ideas on the album. And it just basically turned out to be a great album.

Michel St-Père : And the concept behind Theatre of the Mind is not Duality but the interaction between the reality and the dream and I think somehow we have achieved that.

11- Is there anything more you want to tell us?

Gary Savoie : The response for Theatre of the Mind has been quite good, better than we had expected and for the people out there that would like to know more about MYSTERY, you can go visit our web site. The web site address is : MYSTERY WEB THEATRE :

12- Best regards for La Llave Oculta listeners?

Gary Savoie : Alright, before we sign off I'd like to take this time to just thank all the listeners out there that are listening to La Llave Oculta radio show, it has been a real pleasure to be here, so from Montreal Canada, MYSTERY would just like to say Thank you

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