The Kindred of Gary, Indiana

Evelyn: She is Juggler's childe, embraced in the early 1990s while Lodin and Modius were distracted by the increasingly-dangerous Anarch uprising in Chicago. Juggler has since Presented her to both the Gary and Chicago Courts, officially freeing her into Kindred society. Nevertheless, she continues to hang around with her sire and the two of them flit around Gary, feeding on the locals and getting into some minor trouble here and there.

Appearance 4. About 5'6" with a medium build and a dusky complexion, she wears her dark hair shoulder-length. Her eyes are an unusual gray-green colour.

Juggler: Slightly below average height and lightly built, has shoulder-length dark blond hair and dark gray eyes with green-flecked irises.
Appearance 3.


Matt: A young, lean man of slightly below-average height with sandy-brown hair and green eyes. Unshaven, rough-hewn and a chip on his shoulder the size of Gibraltar. Leather jackets, jeans and motorcycle boots.
Appearance 3.


Danov, Alexander: Although he has never spoken of his history, some "facts" have been gleaned regarding this enigmatic and withdrawn Kindred: he is at least two centuries old and has wandered across much of the Central and Eastern United States. Accorded a certain respect by the local members of his clan, he's never been known to participate in the area's politics and seems to spend the majority of his nights in quiet contemplation. When asked, he readily admits to questing for the mythical state of Golconda; he does not proselytize, but is forthcoming when the curious come calling. However, when it comes to his own background, he remains mute.

Appearance 0. Tall, with an average build for his height, he has a wide face with deep-set gray eyes. They are the only part about him that is attractive; otherwise he is a hideous creature with coarse, crinkled skin; a twisted, contoured face and only a few tufts of hair remaining.


Frederick: Although technically a member of the Chicago chantry, Frederick chooses to live in Gary; an apartment above a small gym is his primary haven. With apparently little interest in Chicago or Kindred politics, he mainly divides his time between meditation, occult research and fencing practice. Frederick feeds primarily on the homeless, covering up his activities with a combination of discretion and Dominate.

Abraham DuSable has been encouraging Frederick to spend more time in Chicago and the younger Warlock has begun making regular trips into the city recently.

Appearance 3. Tall, slim and light-footed, he dresses in anachronistic formal attire. Short brown hair, deep green eyes and a calm, studious demeanor create an aura of seriousness and quiet dignity.