Presence 6 (Voice of the Beast)
Description: The internal ferocity of the Kindred have given rise to many theories about "the Beast." Some say it is a shard of Caine's soul, others that it is a demon, the manifestation of God's curse. Whatever the Beast may be, kindred possessing this discipline have either acquired a high level of control over their personal Beast, or have learned to embrace its ferocity. With this power a kindred may give the Beast voice. The ensuing sound is like the war howl of a thousand feral wolves. The sound will carry across many city blocks (about a mile radius). Sleepers will dismiss it as a pack of dogs, but any Awakened will know it as more than that.

The song speaks of undying loyalty and utter victory in combat to the possessor of the Beast and his allies. It inspires confidence and loyalty in all who stand with it. The sound will inspire courage in cowards, loyalty in the unfaithful, and assurance of victory in their present endeavour.

Those who stand against it are struck down by the hopelessness of their task. To them, the voice speaks only of the futility of their endeavor, the assurance of loss and the fear of what will become of them.

System: All those who are allied with the possessor of this Discipline at the time of its use receive 1 additional die to all their dice pools for the scene (this includes the possessor of the Discipline).

All those allied against the user find themselves overwhelmed by hopelessness and fear. All lose 1 die to all of their dice pools for the scene. In addition, every enemy, awakened or not, will find himself affected by The Dread Gaze (Presence ??). If possible, the player rolls individually for each enemy to determine the outcome. In the case of mass combat, the Storyteller may decide to allocate rolls to smaller groups of enemies in the interests of avoiding unnecessary delays.

The possessor of this discipline must also make a Frenzy roll to determine whether giving the beast voice has brought the beast too close to the surface, and forced the possessor into a frenzy of rage.