The Path Of Haqim
As transcribed from a discourse by Nathan Haze

The price of eternity is the curse of the destroyer, the mark of Khayyin. Your greatest strength can also be your downfall, always the beast lurks in the darkness.

The beast is the desire for power, the need to control and the need to destroy that which we cannot control. It is rage, blind fury and the fuel for creation and change when harnessed and controlled. In exchange for power we have accepted a greater piece of the beast within us and we must be forever on guard lest corruption take us and the beast is set free.

We must accept what we have become, we have sacrificed a part of ourselves so there may be a future. The Assamites exist in order to protect Humanity versus the excesses of the get of Khayyin. We allow a outlet by which disputes can be dealt with between the warring factions of kindred without a need for involving the kine. We delay the inevitable so that we may gather our strength. The day will come when the Kindred surrender to the beast, they will turn on that which gives them life and we will be they only ones to stand between Kindred and kine. We must be prepared.

Those who follow the Path of Haqiem believe they must be able dispense death with cool dispassionate efficiency. They are to become the ultimate killers so that when the Night of Khayyin does come they might serve as the last bastion of mankind.

To do so followers must be able to work alone, to prevent detection, and avoid dependence on those who may succumb.

Each follower develops a code of honor to give ones life structure, by which emotion may be made separate from action and develop the inner strength, which will be needed to resist the beast.

Followers are forever on a quest for that which will give greater potence in final battle, perfection of the art should always be strived for.

The minions of the beast should be combated at all times, anything which delays the end, will allow us more time to gather strength. Seek them out and oppose them in their every action.

The Path Of Haqim
10 Fail to oppose the minions of the Beast 
9 Fail to protect the lives of mortals from the get of Khayyin
8 Fail to seek greater power even the face of danger
7 Succumb to frenzy
6 Surrender to the lesser emotions
5 Kill while feeding
4 Associate with servants of the beast without due reason
3 Break your code of honor
2 Kill without reason
1 Voluntarily succumb to frenzy.