R.I.P. Ventrue

Life sucks and then you wake up in Gary....Andrew Stewart

The Story

This is a chronicle primarily set in Chicago, with field trips to Gary , L.A., Mexico , etc..

This chronicle has been a ongoing event for several years these characters are very powerful and the result over a thosands of  playing with the same characters.

The Coterie:

Alex Loyd
          Alex's tale
A well known Brujah in the Chicago area. Although, never directly linked  to any of the events it is  believed by many that he is directly  responsible for the disappearance of several highly placed Ventrue in the city. It is felt that the only reason he has not been called to justice, is because a Brujah is the current Prince.
Alex has gained recent notoriety since the release of an album by his punk rock band Gehenna.
Alex is basically friendly but lives for a good fight . He is quiet capable physically and is more than  a match for most.  Alex considers personal freedom  to be of utmost importance and any attempts to dominate him will almost certainly result in a bloodbath.
Alex is 6'0, 240 lbs with a build that comes from a lifetime of hard work rather than a gym.  He looks about 21 and has a boyish (beardless) face. He has long brown hair extending to just below his shoulders. The left half of his head is shaved. He is wearing black jeans, biker boots, a white (dirty) tshirt and a worn, torn, red tinged leather jacket. On the back of the jacket is an air-brushed design: a pool of  moonlight illuminates the right arm of a corpse lying on the round. The hand holds a cross. Below the picture you can make out one word: Gehenna.
One of two Daughters of Cacophony in the city of Chicago . Farinelli claims to be the famous castrato of  historical renown.  His purposes in the city are unknown, other than that of backup vocals,  for the recent album release of  the alternative rock band, Gehenna.
Farinelli  is an extremely large man giving credence to the claim that he was/is castrato .
Andrew Stewart
Although a relative newcomer to the city,  Andrew has risen through the Ventrue ranks quickly. Whether this is due to his ability or due to the recent disappearance of the majority of Lodin's children has been the subject  of some argument.  Most will agree though that Andrew is  intelligent, maniplulative and extremely wealthy.
He has recently begun an economic initiative to rebuild the local city of Gary. His reasons for doing so  have yet to be determined.
It is believed that Alex Loyd and Andrew Stewart are not on good terms with each other although there are rumors to the contrary.
Underestimating Andrew Stewart is a quick way to become destitute , publicly humiliated or both.  He was recently quoted as saying ; " My dear boy boy , if there's a problem and it doesn't have teeth, throw money at it "
<<<ALERT>>>  Andrew Stewert has shocked Chicago by annonceing that he is NOT  Ventrue but is in fact the child of MALKAV known as Legion. Approch with extreme caution.
Andrew Stewart is a well dressed english business man.
Nathan Haze
           Nathan's Tale
Andrew Stewart is rarely seen without this man whom he claims is his Assamite body guard. When spoken to Nathan rarely gives any information about himself except to acknowledge that he is an Assamite. Very few within the city are even aware of Nathan's presence. Nathan is the first and only Assamite to admit his presence in the city since the unofficial revocation of Lodin's ban on this clan.  It is believed that Nathan has been granted special status by the current Prince in exchange for undisclosed services.
The Cast

    The Kindred of Gary, Indiana

    Kindred by Bloodline

House rules

House disciplines

Presence 6
    The Emperor's New Clothes
    Voice of the Beast

Quietus 6
    Ripleys blood