The Treaty of Tyre, 1496

Except from Clanbook assamite : Pages 16,17  Author : Graeme Davis

Whereaswe, the elders and the Kindred of the Clans Ventrue, Tremere, Toreador, Nosferatu, Gangrel, Brujah, and Malkavian, gathered together in Brotherhood and Mutual faith and hereinafter known as the Camarilla, being the True and Only Rightful Heirs of the estate of Caine, do desire an end to the Unlawful and Diabolistic Practices of the Rebels hereinafter known as the Clan Assamite; And whereas the said Clan Assamite does desire that the said Camarilla shall hold back its Hand from the full and Ultimate Extinction of the Clan Assamite: Therefore, be it agreed between all Parties signed and witnessed hereunto that the following Articles shall stand as binding between all Parties and their Progeny and Servitors, from this date perpetually...

The Clan Assamite shall refrain from taking the Blood of other Kindred, and as surety of this provision shall submit themselves to a ritual to be administered by the Elders of the Clan Tremere, whereby Kindred Blood shall be made poisonous to them;

The Clan Assamite shall remain peacefully in the territory ceded to them by the Camarilla, which they have historically claimed as their own. They shall seek no expansion of this territory, nor shall they permit any unrest of mortals within their territory to spread to other areas. They shall not travel, either singly or in groups, outside this territory, nor shall they have Retainers or Servitors of any kind travel outside this territory on their behalf. The Princes of the Camarilla have the perpetual right to call a Blood Hunt against any Assamite or Assamites within their fiefs, and need give no other reason for such a Blood Hunt beyond membership of the Assamite bloodline.

The defenses of the castle of Alamut shall be dismantled to the point where the castle can no longer withstand a siege or other attack by forces of the Camarilla. The Clan Assamite shall permit observers from the Camarilla to verify compliance with this provision further, any re-fortification of Alamut, or any attempt to establish a fortification elsewhere, shall be in breach of this treaty, and a worldwide Blood Hunt may be called against those committing the breach.

The Camarilla undertakes to cease all action against the Clan Assamite, and not to violate the borders of its agreed territory without the sanction of a full Convocation of the Camarilla. The Clans of the Camarilla agree among themselves that they shall no longer seek to employ members of the Clan Assamite as hired assassins, and that those violating this provision shall forfeit the protection of their Clans and may be subject to a Blood Hunt. The Clan Assamite undertakes to cease any and all activity of its members as assassins for hire.