Name :                                                    Martin Belleau
Phone # :                                               (514) 684-8390
Email :                                          


  • XSI v1.0, v1.5+
  • Softimage | 3D |
  • AVID | DS v4.0+
  • 3D Studio MAX v1.0, v2.0
  • 3D Studio v2.0, v4.0
    MAYA (Had started to learn for Modeling)
    Adobe Premiere
    Adobe After FX


  • Softimage
           In 1998 I was employed by Softimage to test “Twister” (Codename) which was their new Rendering software. I then moved on to what was known as “Sumatra” (Codename), and now XSI. I started in Quality Assurance, and I am now in Production QA; The department that takes care of productions done at Softimage. Since my employment, I have had the opportunities to enjoy my passion of 3D.
  •          - Assisted in the Battlezone II intro
  •          - Demo artist at NAB 2000
             - Demo artist at Siggraph 2000
             - Client Consultation : Pixel Liberation Front, POP Studio, MoonCrescent, Kutoka
             - Taught XSI to Future XSI Teachers
             - Casino Project
             - GDC 2000 Demo Content
             - Siggraph 2001 Demo Content “Manta”
             - Renderings of Manta Project for 3D World Magazine
             - XSI / Motion / Viewer Pipeline integration
  • Freelance Design Rendering
  • Freelance Cellular Solution
            Visualization of  floor plans for a Cellular Solution here in Montreal
  • Freelance Experimental Stereoscopic 3D
    • Interesting experimental project for Wrebbit (3D Puzzles) integrating Dinosaur pictures with 3D Backgrounds to be viewed in a special Stereoscopic glasses.
  • Freelance Wrebbit Showroom
            3D representation of the Wrebbit Showroom
  • Group Technology Canada
             Multimedia company in the old port of Montreal. Lead 3D artist for mulitple projects:
  •                                    - Pippin Demo Content video for the MIM 1997
                                       - Integration of Live action with 3D
  • Virtual Adventures Inc
            Real-time game modeler for game company in Boisbriand