Maurice Noël master chrafsman Fly reels design



















Located in Montreal area in québec Maurice Noël designer has decided  in 1995 to offer to the most exigent fly fisherman or collector the charm of a traditionl Classic styled fly reel combined  with the outstanding qualities of the modern materials available in aircraft industries:
-100% pure titanium,
- hardened stainless steel used in landing gear
- recent composite materials are part of these manificent salmon, spey and trout reels.
The traditional drum and shoes braking system has been tested many time on the huge atlantic salmon of Québec, Scandinavia and Russia . He features a high polished  stainless steel drum combined with 2 larges delrin shoes and four heavy duty springs which give the reel exceptionnal smoothness to protect even the finest tippet.
  No matter what kind of salmon or steelhead angling you do, one of the 4 sizes and 4   models  will satisfy your needs.


Noël's reels are precision instruments assembled with meticulous care, and are the most durable and the finest example of craftsmanshif  in reels making.