Nox Oculis

Gene Derwood (1909-1954)

Poète et peintre américain.

After reading St. John the Divine

    Moon's glow be seven fold multiplied, turned red,
    Burned fierce by the coronal limbs at last
    Out-leaping insulating space, a-blast
    The searing heat sheeting round earth ahead
    Of the scorched geoid's course; and I a-bed
    Watching that increased flame and holding fast
    To pulse and pillow. Worse! No shadow cast
    By chair or cat. All people waking dead...

    Earth lurches spacial waste; my room is hot ;
    That moon waxes her monstrous, brimstone disk ;
    Thick fear stretches before the febrile light ;
    Green fires pierce at my clenching eye's blind spot...
    My buried soul, rising to face the risk,
    With one pure deed restores the natural night.

    Gene Derwood

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