Nox Oculis

Doug Dorph

Doug Dorph occupe le poste d'éditeur associé au magazine de poésie Mudfish. Il a reçu une bourse pour sa poésie de la New York Foundation for the Arts (1995). Il a publié dans Plum Review, Exquisite Corpse, Green Fuse, ainsi que dans le The New Yorker.

Forgotten Planet

    I ask my daughter to name the planets.
    "Venus ...Mars ...and Plunis!" she says.
    When I was six or seven my father
    woke me in the middle of the night.
    We went down to the playground and lay
    on our backs on the concrete looking up
    for the meteors the tv said would shower.

    I don't remember any meteors. I remember
    my back pressed to the planet Earth,
    my father's bulk like gravity next to me,
    the occasional rumble from his throat,
    the apartment buildings dark-windowed,
    the sky close enough to poke with my finger.

    Now, knowledge erodes wonder.
    The niggling voce reminds me that the sun
    does shine on the dark side of the moon.
    My daughter's ignorance is my bliss.
    Through her eyes I spy like a voyeur.

    I travel in a rocket ship to the planet Plunis.
    On Plunis I no longer long for the past.
    On Plunis there are actual surprises.
    On Plunis I am happy.

    Doug Dorph, tiré de Too Too Flesh, Mudfish Individual Poet Series #3 (2000)

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