Nox Oculis

Agnes Mary Frances Duclaux (Robinson-Darmesteter) (1857-1944)

The Idea

    Beneath this world of stars and flowers
    That rolls in visible deity,
    I dream another world is ours
    And is the soul of all we see.

    It hath no form, it hath no spirit ;
    It is perchance the Eternal Mind ;
    Beyond the sense that we inherit
    I feel it dim and undefined.

    How far below the depth of being,
    How wide beyond the starry bound
    It rolls unconscious and unseeing,
    And is as Number or as Sound.

    And through the vast fantastic visions
    Of all this actual universe,
    It moves unswerved by our decisions,
    And is the play that we rehearse.

    Agnes Mary Frances Duclaux (Robinson-Darmesteter), The Oxford Book of English Mystical Verse (1917)

Oeuvres :

  • A Handful of Honeysuckle
  • The Crowned Hippolytus and other Poems
  • The New Arcadia (1884)
  • An Italian Garden

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