Nox Oculis

A. C. Holm

The Infinite Stars

    I stand at night and gaze up at the sky,
    A huge, inverted bowl above my head ;
    Upon its blue-black concave surface spread,
    Unnumbered twinkling lights intrigue my eye.

    A bit of conscious clay upon a speck
    Of age-cooled fire-mist, sun-warmed into life,
    With mortal eyes I glimpse a vastness rife
    With stars whose years no finite mind may reck.

    Across their background glows the Milky Way,
    The cradle-place of new born stars untold,
    Whose light shall shine adown eternity,
    When those now bright have long been dark and cold.
    And as I marvel at this vast array,
    My spirit bows in deep humility.

    A. C. Holm

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