Nox Oculis

Charles Never Holmes


    When golden Capella is reigning on high
    And Sirius sparkles with fiery light,
    The suns of Orion bespangle the sky
    Like jewels set deep in the vast dome of night ;

    There Rigel and Betelgeuze glitter and glow,
    Bellatrix burns dimly with wan yellow blaze,
    And stars of the belt shine as gems in a row
    Above the faint gleam of the Nebula's haze ;

    Orion the Hunter ! -- gigantic and bright,
    Below the red glint of Aldebaran's eye,
    When Sirius sparkles with fiery light
    And golden Capella is reigning on high.

    Charles Never Holmes

A Perfect Night

    No Moon and not a cloud - a perfect night !
    A coal-black sky with gleaming gems aglow,
    A darkling earth when knolls and dales are white,
    Enwrapped in raiment of untrodden snow.

    Amidst yon firmament's bespangled span
    Capella blazes like a beacon's light
    Above the glare of red Aldebaran
    Or Pleiades that glitter small and bright.
    Orion's jewels are a gorgeous sight,
    And Sirius is reigning on his throne,
    Undimmed as years and cycles take their flight.

    And where the higher sky-gems gleam and glow
    There softly shines a golden satellite
    O'er snow-bound knolls and dales that sleep below
    Ere Moon has risen on this perfect night.

    Charles Never Holmes

The Shooting Star

    Across the darkened dome of night
    Where sun-kings reign till break of dawn,
    A shooting star darts fast and bright,
    Then like a spectral light is gone ;
    It fades from sight, and leaves behind
    No more a trace than passing wind.

    Yet, now and then, some shooting star
    Remains much longer in the sky,
    It gleams resplendent near and far,
    But just the same its light must die ;
    Its splendor shines a little more,
    Then like a breath its life is o'er.

    Thus ev'ry man, both great and small,
    What e'er his wealth or mind or fame,
    Must share the common lot of all,
    And leave behind a fading name;
    How ever grand his life may be,
    It soon is just a memory.

    Charles Never Holmes

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