Nox Oculis

Richard Herbert Mann

Friends of Mine

    The stars are friends of mine. To lofty height,
    When falls the sombre canopy of night
    Upon a slumb'ring world, my spirit flies
    And treads with them the highway of the skies.
    We stride from world to world, while they rehearse
    The mighty chorus of the universe.
    We wander into fields of azure blue
    Sprinkled with diamonds of varied hue,
    Seek the lost Pleiad through skies aflame,
    And learn from her the secret of her shame.
    They mark the ways of men and shake with mirth
    At all the customs of this lowly Earth.
    Great wisdom and great mysteries they know.
    They tell the story of the Long Ago
    Ere Time was born, when Chaos had its sway,
    And Darkness held its mantle over Day.
    Why should I prize the boasted things of Earth
    When I can walk with stars and share their mirth,
    Their wisdom and their mysteries divine ?
    I'd rather walk with stars. They're friends of mine.

    Richard Herbert Mann

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