Nox Oculis

Roger McGough (1937- )

Roger McGough est né à Liverpool (Angleterre) en 1937. Il gradua de l'Université de Hull en 1957. Dans les années 1960, il fit partie comme chanteur d'un groupe de musique pop, The Scaffold. En 1973, on le nomma Fellow of Poetry à l'Université de Loughborough.

Il est l'auteur de plus d'une cinquantaine de livres, et a rédigé plusieurs scripts pour le cinéma, incluant le script du film des Beatles, Yellow Submarine. En 1986, ses livret pour la production de Broadway du classique The Wind in the Willows reçut une nomination pour les Tony Awards. Il est également récipiendaire du Signal Poetry Award et du O.B.E. britannique. McGough est l'un des poètes britanniques les plus connus.

Roger McGough vit actuellement à Twickenham.

Mrs Moon

    Mrs moon
    sitting in the sky
    little old lady
    with a ball of fading light
    and silvery needles
    knitting the night

    Roger McGough

Sky in the Pie !

    Waiter, there's a sky in my pie
    Remove it at once if you please
    You can keep your incredible sunsets
    I ordered mincemeat and cheese.
    I can't stand nightingales singing
    Or clouds all burnished with gold
    The whispering breeze is disturbing the peas
    And making my chips go cold.
    I don't care if the chef is an artist
    Whose canvases hang in the Tate
    I want two veg and puff pastry
    Not the Universe heaped on my plate.
    OK I'll try a spoonful
    I suppose I've got nothing to lose
    Mm.. the colours quite tickle the palette
    With a blend of delicate hues.
    The sun has a custardy flavour
    And the clouds are light as air
    And the wind a chewier texture
    (With a hint of cinnamon there ?)
    This sky is simply delicious
    Why haven't I tried it before ?
    I can chew my way to Eternity
    And still have room left for more.
    Having acquired a taste for the Cosmos
    I'll polish this sunset off soon
    I can't wait to tuck into the night sky
    Waiter! Please bring me the Moon !

    Roger McGough

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