Nox Oculis

Esther B. Tiffany

Applied Astronomy

    He took me out to see the stars,
    That astronomic bore ;
    He said there was two moons near Mars,
    While Jupiter had four.

    I thought of course he'd whisper soon
    What four fold bliss 'twould be
    To stroll beneath that fourfold moon
    On Jupiter with me.

    And when he spoke of Saturn's ring,
    I was convinced he'd say
    That was the very kind of thing
    To offer me some day.

    But in a tangent off he went
    To double stars. Now that
    Was most suggestive, so content
    And quite absorbed I sat.

    But no, he talked a dreary mess,
    Of which the only fraction
    That caught my fancy, I confess,
    Was "mutual attraction".

    I said I thought it very queer
    And stupid altogether,
    For stars to keep so very near
    And yet not come together.

    At that he smiled, and turned his head ;
    I thought he'd caught the notion ;
    He merely bowed good-night and said,
    Their safety lay in motion.

    Esther B. Tiffany

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