Short Bio

Real name: René Amesse

Alias: Overload

Where: Montreal, Quebec

Profession: Drummer

Favourite artists: Williams, Gadd, Jarrett, Zappa

Hobbies: Photography and computers

......Studied percussion at McGill University under Pierre Béluse. Drumset studies with Claude Ranger.
Got into MIDI in the early 90's and set up a home MIDI studio. Since then, I've been doing a lot of custom rhythm arrangements for various clients (studios, composers, arrangers, etc.). My main goal is to capture the 'feel' of live playing through MIDI. I own a full set of Roland pads, which enables me to play exactly the way I would on a real kit.

Parting Thoughts

......Thanks to the NET, musicians from all around the world can now communicate and even 'play' together from the comfort of their own studios or home. We finally have most of the tools to bypass the mainstream corporate giants and the profit oriented markets they've created. It's getting easier for artists to reach their listeners directly. No bullshit, no marketing sweeteners, just pure, honest, raw music. What a great way to go towards the year 2000 and the next millenium. I can't wait....


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