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You should be as excited as KMB about clean carpets!

The best thing you can do for your carpet is to vacuum it frequently and correctly.  We call it "Carpet Care." If you have a family and pets you should vacuum your high traffic areas as much as once per day.  When soils get into a carpet they act as sandpaper rubbing on the fibers and will cause the carpet fibers to wear out prematurely. If your company has carpeted offices, then you should call KMB for our office cleaning services, for we at KMB do not only do carpet cleaning, we also strip and wax floors, and anything else that needs to be cleaned.

Loose soils should always be vacuumed out of the carpet prior to the actual carpet cleaning.  The reason is that as soon as you ad cleaning chemicals and water to dry soil it turns to sludge and it gets further absorbed into the carpet and may even remain there after the carpet is cleaned.

If you want KMB Maintenance can vacuum your carpet prior to our carpet cleaning it for you! 

  1. Sanitation:
    Carpets may look clean but may still be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and microorganisms. Allergy causing materials such as pet hair or pollen can get into carpets and effect family members long after the allergy season or pet has gone. remedy: vacuum regularly, and steam clean carpets at least once a year.
  2. Longevity:
    When people walk on carpets any dirt that is in them causes extra friction and wear on the carpet fibers. This decreases their beauty and life in proportion to how dirty they are. More dirt, less life and beauty. Remedy: Vacuum more often.
  3. A carpet is dirty long before it looks dirty:
    A high quality carpet will hide more dirt than a low quality carpet. A newer carpet will hide more dirt than an older carpet. 

In most situations cleaning your carpet every 18 months will do the job, in other cases you might have to clean it every 3 months, call KMB and we will evaluate your carpet cleaning needs.

KMB Maintenance uses an Aqua Tech truckmount, one of the finest machines in the carpet cleaning business, not to mention the best carpet cleaning products! Sure there are other carpet cleaning companies in Montreal, but we take pride in what we do, if we have to use a brush to get the carpet clean we will use it, other carpet cleaning companies will simply say "You waited too long to clean your carpet!"

If you need a good quality vacuum, to keep your freshly cleaned carpets clean, simply call KMB Maintenance.


Additional travel charges apply to Laval,  Nuns-Island,  Ile-Perrot, and all locations more than 10 Km from our office.

KMB Maintenance uses

Our Aqua Tech truckmount is one of the quietest truckmount on the market, this means we can even do night jobs!

Note: some of Montreal's bylaws restrict our carpet cleaning times. Call us for more information.

We also only use

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