KMB's War with Dust Mites


The picture above is a dust mite (also known by it's latin name Dermatophagoides). And it lives in your building!  It is a few fractions of a millimeter long and cannot be seen with the naked eye. It lives off dead skin. This sounds revolting but dead skin is all over your building, on your carpets, floors and any other horizontal surface. You and your employees shed dead skin daily, and keep these dust mites alive, by not cleaning your building regularly you are asking for problems, big problems!

KMB Maintenance has been at WAR with Dust Mites for several years, and we are winning the war!

Our clients are not even aware that KMB Maintenance is at war, for we keep it hush, hush. We do not want to cause panic. We go to work every night and kill billions of dust mites, we use HEPA "High Efficiency Particulate Air" or "High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance" filters on our vacuums*, and we only use the best cleaning products on the market. We do not own brooms, for brooming only displaces the dust mites into the atmosphere, and then they settle down on new territory, and survive on new supplies of food. We use dust mops that are treated daily and washed weekly, and we replace our mop heads once a month, our cleaning cloths are washed and sterilized weekly, and replaced when needed. We do all this for our clients and we can do it for you too!

KMB Maintenance recommends regular dusting and vacuuming of your premises, we have qualified soldiers that are ready to go into your company and attack those dust mites, simply call 514-812-5111 and leave the rest to us!

Your employees deserve a safe work environment, and a safe work environment means less sick days, and healthier employees produce more!

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*Note: additional monthly fees applied to HEPA equipped contracts.