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Exchange editable maps via email.

Making an encounter map is a nice way to show players where everything is. Figurines and erasable markers have been used during face-to-face gaming sessions for years. Irony Games' MapMagical Encounter Editor was created to give the same power to email game players.

The MapMagical Encounter Editor is a lightweight mapping program designed to draw small encounters. (If you uses the recommended scale, the mapping area is a little bit larger than 100 feet square.)

The advantage of using the Encounter Editor over other map editors and drawing programs lies in its compact map exchange data format. The "Save map" button encodes the map into a just a few lines of data that you can mail to the other players in your game.

At the other end, your friends copy those lines to the MapMagical Encounter Editor web page where they can view the map, make their move, and then mail it back to you. You don't have to worry about everyone having the same mapping program; now everyone has access to Irony Games' MapMagical Encounter Editor.

We'd like to know if you like this concept. While we are creating other and more powerfull MapMagicalTM editors, your feedback can determine if this kind of feature should be included. Please write and let us know what you think!

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Map samples: Highlight from "*BEGIN" to "*END" with the mouse then use your browser's copy and paste commands to copy the lines into the text window above.

  1. The party approaches the farm house:

    *BEGIN 0 0 rs 0
    *s f 8z 4b 7a8 gl *s b 47 2p 4jw 0 *s b 2h 4x 4jw 0 *s g d4 20
    @5eg 1nf *s 5 82 5t rs 0 *s 0 5b 7l rs 0 *s 0 5a 8b rs 0 *s 1 4o
    @80 rs 0 *s 3 4n 8q rs 0 *s 4 42 8c rs 0
    *END ominv7

  2. Squeek listens for noise at the door; Neysa guards the other:

    *BEGIN 0 0 rs 0
    *s -1 50 3c rs 0 0 -30 2g -30 3c 50 3c 50 g *s -1 50 24 rs 0 0
    @50 4 50 -1g -30 -1g -30 24 *s a -b 4y 5bo 0 *s -1 54 1w rs 0
    @9zabk 54 c 4o c 4o 1w 54 1w *s d 3c 1h 3io -17j *s 3 53 5d 1ga 0
    @*s 0 92 58 1uo 0 *s 4 93 3c 1hc 0 *s 1 39 2s 1jk 0 *s -3 99 48
    @rs 0 S. *s -3 97 66 rs 0 A. *s -3 5l 63 rs 0 D. *s -3 3l 3f rs 0
    @N. *s -1 2t 39 rs 0 73 1i 3a 2u 3a *s -1 1k 2w rs 0 9zabk 8 2w o
    @2w 1k 1k *s -1 14 24 rs 0 9zabk o 24 14 24
    *END e9l2go


General Information: The MapMagicalTM Encounter Editor is modal: Start by selecting a mode (Example: "Add Line") by pushing one of the menu buttons at the top of the screen.

The mode "resets" by moving the mouse out of the drawing canvas. For example, when you are drawing lines, moving the cursor outside of the canvas ends the current line and lets you start another.


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