Open the mind and unlock the door
So the soul can know what the heart has come 4
Free the spirit that roams within
Mind confined yet designed to win
We gonna move
And we'll prove
That we don't hold back
A little love in the land
As what we lack
And it s a fact when a brother
Like me says
So, huh! let it all go

Gonna be alright

It's all alright
It's alright, it's really alright

Don't you worry, cos it's alright
Don't you worry, child of the night
Cos in the morning,
Come with the new day sun
Love - an everlasting light

Rock 2 the beat to the beat quick step
Move 2 the rhythm to the rhythm come check
Don't follow me
Let's walk together
On the path of love 4 ever
Never looking back
Keep on keeping on
Cos the path of life
Is as hard as long
But that's alright
That's OK
Love is by our side
Till our dying day

Walking down a road
That goes nowhere
Walking down a path
It seems 2 never end
Looking for the answers
2 all of your problems
The love that's in your heart
Is the answer my friend

No don't be so sad
Cos I'm right by your side
No don't be so sad
This life is 2 short 2 live
No don't be so sad
I'II be mad if you're this
It's Alright
The message that I give