Do U really love me (Do U still love me)
Really care
Do U really need me (Do U still need me)
Need me there
Do U really want me (Do U still want me)
Do U dare
Do U really love me (Do U still love me)
Really care
R U missing me too?
Like I'm missing you
Do U still care?

Do you remember the time when you were mine
Brighten up my day, like a star would shine
We had no money, honey, but we didn't care
We had something special
Like no other lover could compare
We had dreams and desires, aspirations entire
When we made love, you'd hear angels in choir
You were a lover of a lifetime precious like a goldmine
But you had to go, where I don't know
And now I spend my night-time sleeping alone
In bed by the phone
So why don't you call me?
Why don't you call me?
Tell me

I know, just like a rainbow, everything must end
Sometime, someway, somehow, someday
But the bloom was immature, it ended premature
Two hearts broken, by soft words spoken
Well in the garden of the beginning
Our flowers grew the same
I guess they grew apart, from the wind and the rain
Now I'm living in pain
Will it remain?
Tell me

Do U love me, do U want me
Do U need me, need me there