If you ask me, I would take you
To a place you've never been
I would kiss you, whisper softly
There ain't nothing I want more
If you tremble, I will hold you
And squeeze your body tight
I will soothe you, reassure you
Let me free your mind

You've gotta free your mind
Free your mind

If you let me, I will touch you
In a way that turns you on
I'll caress you and excite you
Inhibitions, we'll have none
If you show me what it takes, girl
I will lay down by your side
I'll do everything you ask me to
Let me free your mind


Just a minute or an hour
I don't care how long it takes
I've got everything that you require
No need to hesitate
If you wander, I will follow
I will even be your guide
I'll be everything you want me to
Let me tree your mind