Holding on
When after love is gone
Holding on
And hope the sun will clear the rain
Holding on
2 what we had
Today is yesterday
Still holding on
Should I realize
From the look in your eyes
It what just passing flame
Silly game
And when I look back
I was just a fool
2 dedicate a word
By the rules
Should I realize
'Cause the moon refused 2 rise
When we went 4 a walk
Lover's calm
I said if u love me
Let me know
'Cause if u do blame me
Won't u let me go
Should I realize
'Cause the birds sing out of key
And the clouds are felt the sky
The sun was high
We can stay this through
We can work it out
My mama said baby
Trying's what it's all about
Chorus (x2)