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Last update: 23/01/2000 


E-17 project is on hold. The guys have no plan releasing a new album after their departure from TelStar. Brian is currently working on his solo career in the US and Anthony is supposed to release new materials this year (23/01/2000)

Not much news these days! (01/12/99)

E17's new single "Betcha Can't Wait" is out now! Go get it! (09/03/98)

The DISCOGRAPHY section has been updated. It now includes E17's latest album and the latest single "Each Time" (01/12/98)

E17 will be signing copies of their album and single at the new HMV store opening in Luton, UK on 24th November (17/11/98)

E17 new album RESURRECTION is out now. Go get it!  (17/11/98) 

E17 were on the Top Of The Pop BeeB site for a live webchat last week. I've got a chance to ask the boyz a few questions. You can get the chat transcript by clicking here (17/11/98)

"Each Time"is #2 on the UK chart this week! Congrats! (10/11/98) 

E17 new single "Each Time" is out now. Go get it! It's brilliant! Wicked! #1! (03/11/98)

The Official E17 Web Site is now open with exclusive track samples and video of the forthcoming album RESURRECTION (released on November 9) (20/10/98) 

E17 returns with million pound videos. More in the NEWS section (20/10/98)

E17 is back from New York with a brand new video "Each Time".  More in the NEWS section (29/09/98)

New exciting E17 site called "Thy Will Be Done" with loads of gossip about John and Terry's new tatts, John and Ant's new piercings and an exclusive review of the soon to be released single "Each Time" and 4 other new E17 tracks. Follow the link in the Around The World section  (29/09/98)

E17 flew to New York to shoot their upcoming video in the NEWS section (08/09/98)

E17 new singles coming out soon.  More details in the NEWS sections (18/08/98)

Happy Birthday Brian!!! (08/08/98)

This week, find out more about E17's plans for the summer, SubZero's new records and also what happened to Bri in the News section (12/05/98)

E17 is signing to Telstar in the News section (07/04/98)