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  - Each character is represented by a Dragon Dice die.
  - The classes are represented by DD's type of units.
  - A player may change his unit during play but the new unit must be of the same classe.
  - What cannot be represented by a die must be taken in various RPG books(Like money and
Weapons and armors
  - The dice represent an optimaly equiped character.
  - Monsters do not have those restrictions.
  - To be optimaly armed, a character must have a weapon size corresponding to the number of
    melee faces(excluding the ID). 1=small,2=medium,3=large.
  - To be optimaly armored, a character must have an Armor class of 10 - (2 per number of save
    Icons on the face with the highest number of save Icons)(excluding ID and special Icons).
  - If a character is not optimaly armed with a melee weapon, it loses 1 melee point per size
    lower than what's optimal.
  - If a character is not optimaly armored, it loses 1 save per 2 AC higher than what's optimal.
  - A unit only need a missile weapon to be considered optimaly armed.

  - The DM should allowed the characters to take a combat skill and at least a non-combat skill.
  - Usualy, a skill will give a bonus of +H but weird skills might also be chosen.
Special Icons
  - The DM might required that the character must possess a particuliar item to be able to use
    a special Icon.