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Basic Informations
  - When a rule says H, H stands for Health of the die.
  - My rules don't use races of any sort exept undeads.
  - If an ID is rolled, it gives H points of anything needed and the die is rerolled, adding the
    new result. Continue until no more IDs are rolled.
  - Each Icon usualy gives 1 point of what it represents exept on monsters, artifacts and 
    medallions where they worth 4 points and the special Icons on Magical Items worth 3 points.
  - If what's rolled by a die has no effect, the controler may convert useless points into
    usefull points by subtracting H from the total of useless points just rolled.

         Ex1: A 1 health unit must roll, at least, 1 save point but ends up rolling 2 melee
              icons. The melee icons count has 2 points of melee but has no effect so, the 
              controler may convert them by subtracting 1 from the 2 melee points. The result
              is 1 save point.

         Ex2: A 3 health unit, saving against damage, rolls its special melee 4 Icons but it has
              no effects but it still count as 4 points and by converting them, the result gives
              1 save point(4 points - health of 3).

The Rules
Here's how to create a character(Create)

The basic rules cover all you need to know to play low level characters(Basic Rules)

The complementary rules cover more specific informations(Complementary Rules)

I rewrote the spells to fit them in my rules(Spell)