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Note:(c) = Command Card effect.
      VB = Vitality Base.
      VR = Vitality Red.
     OCB = Of Color Bonus(M: White, G: Grey, B: Black).
       S = Size(L: Large, M: Medium, S: Small)
       F = Flying(Yes or No)
      Br = Bribable(Ba: Babe, Be: Beer, Go: Gold)
      CR = Channeling Reciever(Yes or No)
      CH = Channeler(# of pts).
      #C = # of cards to draw each turn.
     LDL = Least disputed lands.
     MDL = Most Disputed Lands.
     LUC = Lowest Up-card.
      PS = # of Power Stones.
     CMP = Channeling Power.

Mortal          VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type     Effect
Buzzard          3     0G S Y Be  N    Barnyard +1 vitality when used as a secondary attacker.

Cabin Boy        4     1G M N Ba  N    Pirate   If an opponent tries to bribe one of your pirates
                              Be                while de cabin boy is in your combat hand, you can
                              Go                send the cabin boy to your creature pen instead.

Captain         11     1G M N Ba  N    Pirate   If the Captain is in play and unbeaten after  
Hannibal Hawks                Be                primary attacks, you may chose to retreat your
                              Go                Shield and all unbeaten creatures with it. Only
                                                One pirate Captain per space, per player.

Caring Guy       4     1G M N Ba  N    Guy      Immune to fear. +1 vitality to mortals on both 
                                                sides while the Caring Guy is in play.

Eagle Eye        2     0G M N Ba  N    Pirate   (c)+2 to all your ranged attacks.
McFinny                       Be

Fangis the       8     0G M N     N    Animal   +6 vitality vs. externals

Farmer Brown     6  10 0G M N Go  N    Misc.    (c)You may detonate any of your barnyard animals 
                                       Human       during primary attacks. This destroys both
                                                   both match-up creatures. Guardians are not

First Mate       6     2G M N Ba  N    Pirate   Allows any non-flying, all pirate Shield to move
Muldoon                       Be                one extra space, obeying all normal movement
                              Go                rules. Must show your opponent the Shield's
                                                content when moving the extra space.

Giant Aunts      8     3G L N Be  N    Giant    If the Giant Aunts win a primary match-up over an
                                                ennemy's Stronghold card, the card immediatly turn
                                                to rumble.

Great Ba'te     24     6G L N Be  N    Ba'te    Immune to secondary attacks by elementals.

Great Black     17     0G L Y     N    Ri'Shar  3 pt. AOE fear attack.

Groatie          3     1G S N Go  N    Slag     +1 vitality in Dry Heaps.

Gumbo Jake       6     1G M N Be  N    Misc.    If jake wins a primary match-up over an opponent's
                                       Human    terrain space, his/her terrain card is immediatly

Hook Toed       12     3G L N Ba  N    Gnasher  If the Hook Toed Gnasher beats a small creature
Gnasher                                         during primary attacks, the small creature is

Knife of Shadow  5  7  3G M N     N    Shadow   (c)If your opponent's up-card is a creature, pick
                                       Brother-    a card from his/her combat hand. Combare it's
                                       hood        base vitality to the base vitality of the
                                                   opponent's up-card. If the up-card is lower,
                                                   The card you picked is destroyed.

Lying Scum      3     1G M N Ba   N    Pirate   Count as 4 vitality for control of the space.

Manly Guy       8     0G M N Go   N    Guy      Treat the text box of the manly guy's primary 
                                                match-up opponent as empty for the duration of

Necromancer     5  8  0G M N Ba   N  5 Wizard   Can only channel to Undead.

Rotten Guy      7  6  0G M N Go   N    Guy

Scurvy Dog      4     0G S N      N    Pirate   3 pt. ranged attack which can only be used if
                                                your current primary attacker is a pirate.

Voodoo Wizard   3     0G M N Ba   Y    Wizard   (c)+4 vitality to all of your secondary attackers.

Weasly Guy      4     0G M N Ba   N    Guy      If the weasly guy loses a primary match-up by more
                             Be                 than 4 vitality, he immediatly returns to your
                             Ge                 creature pen.

Elemental       VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type     Effect
Angel of Death  13     0B M Y     N    Angel    You gain 1 power stone for each creature you beat
                                                in primary attacks after the Angel of Death is in
                                                play, as long as it's unbeaten.

Arwyddyn         3     1B S Y Go  N    Spirit   Can heal any one spirit for 1 power stone.

Captain Red     15     7B M N Ba  N    Evil     Your opponent receives no vitality bonus due to    
Noseoid                       Be       Twin     creature class when Captain Noseoid is in play.

Castellan Keir   1     0B M N Be  N    Medium   If Keir is on one of your rubble spaces during 
                                                terrain settelment, you may restore it back into
                                                a working Stronghold. Discard Castellan when used
                                                in this fashion.

Chephros         9     2B L N Ba  N    Devil    Chephros is +2 vitality for each Demon or Devil
                                                that has been beaten so far in this combat.

Druk             8     2B M Y Ba  N    Devil    Immune to fire.

Dust Geyser      1  7  0B S N Be  N    Geyser   When played as a primary attacker, the initial 
                                                result is a push . Either player may then modify
                                                the match-up.

Flame Geyser     6     1B L Y     N    Geyser   Fire Base Attack. Immune to fire. +2 vitality to 
                                                all your creatures with fire based attack when 
                                                flame geyser is in play.

Hackthorn       11     0B L N Be  N    Plant    When played as a primary attacker, the Strangler
Strangler                                       may ignore it's match-up opponent and instead
                                                attack your opponent's command card if that card
                                                is a creature.

Holy Avenger     5     0B M Y     N    Angel    +10 vitality as a secondary attacker if your 
                                                primary attacker in the match-up was a Paladin or
                                                an Angel other than a Holy Avenger.

Kasarian         5     1B S Y Be  N    Demon    (c)The Squawker attacks your opponent's command

Squawker                                        card if that card is a creature. If the Squawker
                                                wins the match-up, your opponent's command card 
                                                ability doesn't take effect.

Koset of the     4     0B M Y Be  N    Spirit   You gain 1 power stone everytime an opponent
Light                                           channels while Koset is in play.

Lizard Skin Lynn 8     1B M N Go  N    Saurian  +5 vitality vs. large creatures.

Magnus Justice  16     7B M N     N    Manifes- Destroys any wanderer.

Monolith of     11     4B L N     N    Monolith If the monolith beats an external in the primary
Chaos                                           attack round, if may not be attacked by secondary

Reverend Smilin' 2     0B M N Ba  N    Evil     (c)When fighting over a space with an opponent's 
Jackoid                       Be       Twin        face down terrain or Shield/Terrain card, that
                              Go                   card is discarded after combat.

Roaming Steam    6     0B M N     N    Geyser   No secondary attacks vs. the Geyser.

Spirit Guide     3     0B M N     Y    Spirit   (c)Opponent must tell you the total number of
                                                   cards and total vitality in his/her combat
                                                   hand. You may then discard the spirit guide
                                                   and retreat before primary attacks begin.

Supermodeloid    1  3  0B M N Go  N    Evil     +3 vitality to all your creatures bribable by
                                       Twin     babes when the Supermodeloid is in play.

Vensuni Inferno  6 14  4B L N     N    Element  (c)11 pt. AOE fire attack. Discard your Entire
Swarm                                           Combat Hand when the swarm is used as a command

External        VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type     Effect
Barrow Wight     8     2W M N     N    Undead   The Barrow Wight is +4 vitality when it's a
                                                secondary attacker.

Bone Fright      7     2W L N     N    Undead   opponent must play all ranged attacks possible
                                                against the bone fright.

Buster Scrimbo   4     2W M N Be  N    Wanderer If Buster is your Up-card before cards are drawn
                                                in the Draw and Organize phase, draw 1 additional

Cactus McFingers 4     1W M N Ba  N    Wanderer (c)If ManFingers is alive after combat and you
                                                   won control of the space, you may play a
                                                   terrain card under this shield immediately,
                                                   removing any terrain card that your opponent
                                                   may have had there first

Elandar, Mighty  6     0W M N Go  N    Wanderer (c)Treat all creatures as if they had empty text
Wizard                                             boxes for the duration of this combat.

Great Horned     9     0W L N Go  N    Troll    (c)When defending a space, your opponent must 
Troll                                              retreat, pay 1 power stone or discard two cards
                                                   from his/her storage Depot before primary

Green Missy      6     2W M N Go  N    Fairy    +3 vitality in swamps.

Grotto Troll     3     0W M N Be  N    Troll    (c)All of your creatures are +2 vitality while
                                                   fighting in rivers and lakes.

Hal, a Toasis    9     1W L Y Ba  Y    Dragon   (c)During primary attacks, if an opponent's
Dragon                        Go                   Creature wins a match-up by less than 5
                                                   vitality both match up cards are destroyed.

Howling Reaver   5     1W M N     N    Undead   If the Howling Reaver Beats an opponent as a
                                                primary attacker, your opponent must discard one
                                                random card from his/her creature pen.

Jambo Slick,     4     1W M N Ba  N    Wanderer (c)Immediatly pull one bribery vard from your 
Smuggler                      Be                   Discard pile, reveal it and add it to your
                              Go                   Storage Depot.

Jamchops the     4     0W M N Ba  N    Wanderer (c)Any bribery card you play during this combat 
Trader                        Be                   works vs. any bribable creature.

Jonstollo the    7     3W M N Be  N    Wanderer When the Seeker is your Upcard, you may
seeker                                          immediately look through your draw deck and pick
                                                Any other card as your up-card. Discard the
                                                Seeker. Reshuffle your deck.

Land Drake      18     5W L N Ba  N    Dragon   3 point AOE fire breath.

Lowland Troll    8     0W L N Ba  N    Troll    +3 vitality when your shield is attacking.

Old Gumper       3     1W S N Be  N    Fairy    Your opponent gets no off-color bonuses vs. your
                                                externals while the Gumper is in play.

Razor Shiefa     7     1W M N Go  N    Sliph    +4 vitality in Spires.

Razor Sliph      5     0W M N Be  N    Sliph    +3 vitality in Spires.

Schneebolt       3     0W S N Be  N    Schnee   Ranged Attack: Cancels an opponent's ranged

Shadrune         9     0W M N     N    Undead   If beaten in a match-up by a creature who accept
                                                channeling, your loses 1 power stone.

Slimwit Man      3     0W M N Ba  N    Wanderer (c)Opponent must chose to retreat now or fight.
                                                   If opponent stays, all opponent's creatures
                                                   are +2 vitality. If you win the combat, all of
                                                   your opponent's creature under that Shield are

Starling Dodd    4     2W S N Go  N    Fairy    All of your fairies bypass your opponent's  
Boys                                            Stronghold vitality bonus while the Dodd boys are
                                                in play.

Valley Troll     3     2W S N Go  N    Troll    Immune to fear.

Guardian VB  #C LDL MDL LUC PS CMP Effect
Grahzue  29   3  -1  +1  +1  8  6  Every time your opponent plays a bribery card against one of
                                   your creature, gain 1 power stone.

P'Tal    26   3  -1   0  +1  5  6  For two power stones, you may ignore your draw number for the
                                   turn and draw as many cards as an opponent of your choice.

Magic Item       Type UC#   Effects
Champs the Wonder  H   19   Return any Item from your discard pile to your storage hand for 1
Dog                         power stone. Champs is not discarded but returns to your Storage Hand
                            as well. Play during the Draw and Organize phase.

Oppressed Slaves   H    2   Play after you killed a Shield in combat. Collect 2 power stones. You
                            may only play 1 oppressed slaves card per movement and combat phase.

Petrified Heart    C   14   Allows one of your creatures to use it's base vitality for space
                            limitation instead of it's red Shield penalty number.

The black Eye      C   17   Allows all pirated on this space to fly.

The Great          H   16   Play when using a Pirate's ranged attack. the ranged attack works as
Bladeroon                   normal and there is an immediate AOE attack of the same strength.
                            Cost 1 power stone to play.

Spells                UC#   Effects
Arcane Infusiuon       17   Discard a creature beneath one of your turned shields not on an empty
                            disputed land space. Unturn that shield.

Argammond's Vision      5   Play immediately after up-cards have been revealed. One opponent of
                            your choice must discard his/her up-card and reveal another.

Assassin of shadow     16   Play during Draw and organize phase. Look at any one opponent's draw
                            deck for one minute and discard any one creature from it. Reshuffle
                            the deck.

Channeling Flux         9   Play during Draw and organize Phase. Your guardian CMP is raised to 
                            20 for this turn.

Crash                   2   When you are the active player, you may pass once without turning a

Curse of the Batrayed  13   Play during Draw and Organize Phase. Choose an opponent, then select 
                            any spell or non-creature magic item. That opponent may not play the
                            card you selected this turn. This spell cannot be dispelled.

Cuthbert the            5   Play during the Draw and Organize phase. Pick any creature from your
Resurrector                 discard pile as one of your draw cards. You must show your opponent
                            the creature you pick.

Essence of babeitude    9   Play as a command card. Opponent must show you all cards in his/her
                            combat hand which can be bribed by babes. Choose one and consider that
                            card to be bribed.

Famine                 15   Place Famine on any Shield on a disputed land space during the draw 
                            and organize phase. That shield loses one creature every terrain 
                            phase until Famine is discarded. Discard Famine when the Shield enters
                            one of it's owner's Stronghold cards.

The hand of chronos    17   Play after terrain settlement phase. All players go directly to the
                            movement and combat phase. Old up-cards get discarded. Costs 2 power
                            stones to play.

Heisenburg's missile    6   Play when an opponent uses a ranged attack. the ranged attack acts as
                            if you played it.

Howl of the dead       14   Play as a command card. All of your undead lost in this combat are
                            returned to your creature pen.

Kasmir's blitz         16   Play in combat after casualties have been removed but before ownership
                            of the space is finalized. All remaining creatures must fight another
                            full round of combat.

Ongo, Air Traffic      18   Play during the movement and combat phase. This turn, you may fly  2
Controller                  Shield's which have the ability to fly.

Peace                  18   Play immediately after up-cards are revealed. Go directly to the 
                            terrain settlement phase. Costs 1 power stone to play.

Pestilence             19   Play during terrain settlement phase. All players must discard one
                            creature from each of their Shields in the disputed lands. Cost 1
                            power stone per opponent to play. Only one pestilence may be played
                            per player, per turn.

Phase Assassin         16   Play at the beginning of the draw and organize phase. For each power
                            stone you burn, one of your opponents draw one less card.

Pirate Double Cross    13   Play after one of your pirates is bribed. Instead of returning to your
                            creature pen, the pirate and it's match-up opponent are turned into
                            unchallenged cards in melee.

Pirate Raiding Party   11   Play after you win a combat. If you have at least two surviving
                            pirates on the space, you gain 1 power stone, while your opponent
                            loses 1 power stone.

Santa's beer sled      13   Play as a command card. Opponent must show you all cards in his/her 
                            combat hand which can be bribed by beer. Choose one and consider that
                            card to be bribed.

Seraphim                7   Play immediately after opponent uses a ranged attack. Cancel that
                            ranged attack. No more ranged attacks are allowed during this combat
                            by that opponent.

Soul Mirror            18   Play as a command card. All of your primary attackers in this combat
                            are considered the same creature class as your first match-up

Specter's ward         12   All doubled bordered cards cost 1 additional power stone to play for
                            the remainder of this turn.

Summon Dimensional     13   Play during the draw and organize phase. Rubble one of your Stronghold
Fire Well                   cards. Discard any of your creatures on or under the card. Make your
                            Guardian's total number of power stones 5.

Summon Loghammer's     11   Play at any time. Destroy any one Stronghold Upgrade.

War                     6   Play after using a Shield'S movement option. Immediately use another
                            of your Shields movement option.

Warwick's Aura          3   Play during the draw and organize phase. Replace any opponent's
                            Standard Bearer Shield with one of their Shields previously killed.

Work Crew              19   Play on an opponent's Stronghold space during the terrain phase. Your
                            opponent may not add any cards from this place to his/her Storage
                            Hand during the next turn and may not place any new cards on this 
                            space during the next Draw and Organize phase. Cost 1 power stone to

Yap Attack             19   Play as a command card. Opponent must show you all cards in his/her
                            combat hand which can be bribed by gold. Choose one and consider that
                            card to be bribed.

Standard Bearer       UC#   Effects
Goblin                 11   -3 vitality to all opposing creatures terrain bonuses. No terrain 
                            bonuses may be reduced below 0.

Goblin                 16   +1 vitality to all your creature's terrain bonuses.

Shield                UC#
Goblin                4, 8, 12, 16

Shield/Terrain        UC#
(All Have the same card text: Use as either a terrain card or as a shield card. If used as a
                              Shield card, the space this shield is on now has a 25 point vitality
Angelic                 8
Demonic                12
Dragon                  8
Goblin                 10
Skull                   9
Dark                    9
Lightning              14
Chicken                 8
Ox                      6
Snake                  10

Stronghold Upgrade    UC#   Effects
Pirate Log Platform     2   Opponent's Shield takes a 7 AOE attack when attacking or entering this

Ranged Attack Platform 11   Place one ranged attack creature face down on the Platform during the
                            draw and Organize phase. You may use that card,s ranged attack in any
                            one combat two spaces in front of the platform.

Spikey Crenalations     4   Crenalations stop flying to ALL of your Stronghold cards flying is 
                            still allowed from the stronghold spaces.
Strongholds               Effects
Freebooter(C)             +6 vitality to defending creatures.
Freebooter(L,R)           +4 vitality to defending creatures. Counts as rivers and lakes.