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Note:(c) = Command Card effect.
      VB = Vitality Base.
      VR = Vitality Red.
     OCB = Of Color Bonus(M: White, G: Grey, B: Black).
       S = Size(L: Large, M: Medium, S: Small)
       F = Flying(Yes or No)
      Br = Bribable(Ba: Babe, Be: Beer, Go: Gold)
      CR = Channeling Reciever(Yes or No)
      CH = Channeler(# of pts).
      #C = # of cards to draw each turn.
     LDL = Least disputed lands.
     MDL = Most Disputed Lands.
     LUC = Lowest Up-card.
      PS = # of Power Stones.
     CMP = Channeling Power.

Mortal          VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type     Effect
Al'Jabah         3     1G M N Go  N    Misc.    (c)If your opponent has more than one of the same
                                       Human       creature in his combat hand, they all immedi-
                                                   ately become unchallenged cards in melee.

Annoying Gnats   3     0G S N     N    Bug      Immune to fear and fire. 1 pt. Aoe fire attack,
in the hood                                     +1 to the AOE for every other bug you have in

Arnath, Lord of  6     0G L Y Go  N    Knight   Destroys any creature which has the ability to fly. 
the Skies

Black Locust     1     0G S N     N    Tragic/  (c)Whichever player outbids the other in power
                                       Bug         stones wins control of this space. Locust's
                                                   owner must start the bidding at 1 Power Stone.
                                                   The winner must burn the number of Stones he
                                                   he bids. Combat is cancelled and the Locust is
                                                   discarded. Limit one per space per player.

Bruno Smash      5     1G M N Ba  N    Misc.    While Bruno is in play, if any of your primary
mouth, Union                  Be       Human    attackers matches-up against a creature from the
Boss                          Go                same class, your opponent's creature return to his
                                                creature pen.

Buzz, Vampire    3     0G S Y     Y    Bug/     When Buzz beats a creature who has accepted 
Mosquito                               Undead   channeling in this combat, your opponent loses 1
                                                power stone.

Caddy           18     9G L N Go  N    Giant    Destoys Gopher.

Carrag the       5     0G M N Ba  N    Wizard   +1 vitality for each undead in your discard pile.

Chickenhead      4     1G M N Go  N    Outlaw   When Chickenhead is revealed as your up-card, you
McCracken                                       may immediatly remove up to 3 Gold Bribery Cards
                                                From your Draw deck and add them to your Storage
                                                hand. Reshuffle your Draw deck afterwards.

Clamjack         4     1G S N Be  N    Clamjack 3 pt. ranged attack that only works in swamps.

Crackhatch at 

Dead-Eye McGrue  5     1G M N     N    Outlaw   Destroys any creature which has a ranged attack.

Eats, Cockroach  2  4  1G S N Ba  N    bug      Immune to any creature with an off-color bonus of
King                                            zero. Immune to fire.

Giant Babe      10     0G L N Go  N    Giant    +10 vitality vs. creatures bribable by babes.

Giant Shaman     4     0G L N Ba  Y    Giant    While the shaman is in play, all Giants can
                                                receive channeling, even if they normaly cannot
                                                receive channeling.

Goat             4     0G S N Be  N    Barnyard If the Goat beats its primary match-up creature,
                                       Animal   your opponent loses 1 power stone.

Golden Fleecer   5     1G M N Go  N    Misc.    Destroys any creature with the ability to destroy
                                       Human    another creature. Fleecer cannot be destroyed.

Golfer           6     1G M N Ba  N    Misc.    9 pt. ranged attack which can only be used against
                              Be       Human    large creatures.

Gopher           3     1G S N Ba  N    Animal   If Gopher survives combat over an opponent's
                                                terrain card, immediately flip the terrain card
                                                to make it a face down terrain card. Destroys

Icky Bugs       2      1G S N Go  N    Bug      +4 vitality vs. creatures bribable by gold.

Jalupee Lobo    1      1G S N Be  N    Animal   After both sides have picked, but not shown,
                              Go                match-up cards, you must guess the size of your 
                                                opponent' creature(S,M or L). If you guess
                                                correctly, add +2 to your creature's vitality.

Lizard on the   4      0G S N Ba  N    Tragic   When the Lizards are played as a primary attacker,
toast                                           your opponent must show you all double bordered
                                                cards in his storage hand and discard all of his
                                                gold bribery cards.

Phil, Bar Fly   3      1G S Y Be  N    Bug      +1 vitality for every other creature bribable by
                                                beer in play.

Prince of the  16      8G S N Go  N    Knight   +2 vitality in the Dry Heaps.

Professor       1      1G M N Ba  N    Misc.    (c)During primary match-ups, whenever you play
Heisenburg                             Human       a ranged attack, you may choose to roll 1d6.
                                                   on a 5+, both your ranged attacker and it's
                                                   and its match-up opponent are destroyed.

Red master of   6      0G M N     N    Shadow   If the red master survives a combat over an
Shadow                                 Brother- opponent's non-rubble Stonghold card, that
                                       hood     opponent loses two random cards from his creature

River Giant    12      3G L N Be  N    Giant    When in rivers and lakes, River Giant is immune
                                                to Elementals.

Soggybottom     9      0G M N Be  N    Outlaw   If Gertz is beaten in a match-up, you may immedi-
Gertz                                           ately replace Gertz with any other creature from
                                                your combat hand. The replacement creature is
                                                considered beaten. Gertz return to your combat

Tanniker Smith  7      0G M N Go  N    Outlaw   +5 vitality in the Dry Heaps.

Thief of Shadow 5      0G M N     Y    Shadow   If the Thief survives a combat over an opponent's
                                       Brother- non-rubbled Stronghold card, your opponent loses
                                       hood     2 power stones.

Tree Ogre      13      2G L N Ba  N    Ogre     No channeling vs. Ogre +4 vitality in Woods.

Urufa, Queen of 3      0G S N Go  N    Goblin   (c)In primary match-ups, your goblins must be 
the goblins                                        beaten by at least 5 pts. or the result is a

Zelda, Bag Lady 2      0G S N Go  Y    Bug      +4 vitality for each item discarded from your
Bug                                             Storage Hand.

Elemental       VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type     Effect
Angel of         8     1B M Y     N    Angel    +3 vitality for each bribery Icon on the Angel's
Rightousness                                    match-up opponent.

Baezhu, Overlord 2     2B L N Be  N    Element  (c)For the ramainder of combat, the disputed land
of the twisted                                     being fought upon is considered to be spires.

Bob, Snapping    3     0B S N Ba  N    Gob      Destroys mortals when used as a secondary
Gob                                             Attacker.

Demorgan the     6 11  4B L Y Be  N    Disciple When played as a primary attacker, add 2d6 to the
Inciter                                   of    Inciter's vitality.

Garuda Kahn,     6 11  2B L Y Be  N    Disciple Garuda gains 1d6 vitality for every other
First Disciple                            of    Disciple that is in play.

Gnorg, Overlord  6     1B L N Be  N    Element  (c)For the remainder of combat, the disputed land
of Swamps                                          fought upon is considered to be a swamp.

Initiate of      2  5  1B M N Be  Y    Disciple When played as a primary attacker, add 1d6 to the 
Entropy                                   of    initiate's vitality.

Ix, Overlord of  5     1B L N Be  N    Element  (c)For the remainder of combat, the disputed land
the Waters                                         space being fought upon is considered to be a
                                                   Rivers and Lakes.

Medecine Man     3     0B M N     Y    Spirit   (c)All your spirits are +2 vitality.

Mendu Sada, the 11     0B L N Be  N    Disciple 1d6 AOF fear attack. On a roll of 6, there is no
Havoc                                     of    effect.

Mu Kir' Agavati  4     1B S N Be  N    Disciple While Mu Kir' is in play, you may reroll any 1d6
Second Disciple                           of    one time.

Nob, Rapacious   3     0B S N Be  N    Gob      Destroys Elementals when used as a secondary
Gob                                             attacker.

Orella of the 

Rey, Overlord    4     2B L N Be  N    Element  (c)For the remainder of combat, the disputed land
of trees                                           space being fought upon is considered to be
                                                   woods. No ranged attacks allowed.

Shin Chios,      4     0B M Y Go  Y    Disciple When Shin is your primary match-up creature, you 
Third Disciple                            of    may play any card from your combat hand as an 
                                       Entropy  Unchallenged in melee. Shin gains that creature's
                                                Text Box.

Slor, Overlord   5     2B L N Be  N    Element  (c)For the remainder of combat, the disputed land
of the wastes                                      space being fought upon is considered to be
                                                   The Dry Heaps.

Uras, Overlord   2     2B L N Be  Y    Element  (c)For the remainder of combat, the disputed land
of Mountains                                       space being fought upon is considered to be

Vikia, Tso'Shan' 4     0B M N Go  Y    Disciple If Vikia beats her primary match-up opponent, 
Lu                                        of    roll 1d6. On a 3+, you may immediately pull a 
                                       Entropy  random card from your opponent's combat hand.
                                                The card you picked is now an Unchallenged Card
                                                in melee.

Xaz, Thief of    6     0B M N Go  N    Disciple When Xaz is used as a primary attacker, roll 1d6. 
Twilight                                  of    On a 3+, Xaz gains the text box of her match-up
                                       Entropy  opponent and that creature loses its text box

Zob, Gurgling    3     0B S N Go  N    Gob      Destroys Externals when used as a secondary
Gob                                             attacker.

External        VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type     Effect
Barnacle Bazulee 3     1W S N Go  N    Wanderer +2 to all your Creatures which have a Rivers and
                                                Lakes terrain bonus, while Barnacle is in play.

Captain South    1 10  1W M N Ba  N    O-Men    When the Captain is played as a primary attacker,
America                       Be                add your Shield's up-card number to the Captain's
                              Go                vitality.

Cratur Hobbs     4     0W M N Ba  N    Wanderer (c)You may bribe any 1 bribable creature during
                              Be                   combat by discarding one Item from your
                              Go                   storage Hand.

Delilah Rangoon  6     2W M N Go  N    Wanderer When used as a primary attacker vs. a mortal, the
                                                initial result is a push.

Disgruntled      6     0W M N Be  N    Wanderer If postal worker beats his primary match-up  
Postal Worker                                   Opponent, return Postal Worker to your Combat
                                                Hand. Opponent creature remains as an Unchallenged
                                                card in melee.

Handles O'Rourke 6     0W M N Ba  N    Wanderer (c)Can fire 3 pt. ranged attacks into any primary
                                                   match-up for 1 power stone per shot.

Karnis the       8     2W M N Go  Y    Wanderer While Karnis is in play and unbeaten, all 1d6 
Transcender                                     rolls are reduced to a 1.

Longshot Louie   7     2W M N Ba  N    Wanderer Ranged attack: Destroy any non-Guardian Creature
                              Be                which has just channeled and cancel that channel.

Randy Creek      6     0W S Y Be  N    Fairy    (c)All of your fairies are channeling receivers.
Regulars                                           Each may receive up to your Guardian's full
                                                   CMP of channeling Limit one per space, per

Slatch Willer    5     1W M N Be  N    Wanderer For each beer bribery card discarded from yout 
                                                Combat(Should be storage) hand, Slatch gains +5

The Amazing      6     2W M N Be  N    O-Men    While Cider-man is in play, all of your creatures
Cider-Man                                       bribable by beer gain +2 vitality.

Tiger Baloo      8     1W M N     N    Wanderer +3 vitality while fighting on a face-down terrain

Vesuvious Rex   13     0W L Y Ba  Y    Dragon   Immune to secondary attackers with a base vitality
                                                of 5 or less.

Whalebone Rick   4     0W M N Go  N    Wanderer +3 vitality for each creature Item used as command
                                                in this combat.

Woodland Troll   4     1W S N Ba  N    Troll    +4 vitality for each Nymph you have in play.

Woolverine       6     2W M N Ba   N   O-Men    While Woolverine is in play, your opponent must
                              Be                tell you the class of his creature in match-ups
                                                before you pick yours.

Guardian  VB  #C LDL MDL LUC PS CMP Effect
Sikura    28   3  -1  +1  +1  8   5 Burn 2 power stone to dispell any spell.

Vek-Nadra 28   2  -0  +0  +0  7   6 During the Draw and Organize phase, draw an extra card for 
                                    each Shield you have in the disputed lands.

Magic Item       Type UC#   Effects
10 Gallon Voodoo   H    4   Place face-up next to an opponent's Guardian during the Draw and
Hat                         Organize phase. Each 10 Gallon Voodoo hat next to a Guardian reduce
                            the maximum size of that players Storage Hand by 1 card. The Hat may
                            only be removed or dispelled by burning 2 Power Stones.

Altar of Takuli    C   14   Heal one creature(after combat) for 1 power Stone.

Bagpipes of fear   C    9   Play along with any creature as a command Creature. That creature
                            gains a 3 pt. AOE fear attack but loses any other command ability it
                            have had.

Disc of Siin       C    6   Play as a command card. Roll 1d6. Your opponent can't channel against
                            your first (1=No effect, 2=1, 3=2, 4=2, 5=3, 6=All) primary attackers.

Head of Gudea      H   22   Play at the beginning of any phase. Cancel any one Guardian special
                            ability for the remaining of this turn.

Little Voodoo Hat  H   20   Place face-up next to your own guardian. Every time your opponent
                            gains a power stone from any source other than a little Voodoo Hat,
                            you gain a power stone. Each little voodoo hat next to a Guardian
                            reduce the maximum size of that player's storage hand by 1 card. The
                            hat may only be removes by burning 2 power stones.

Medallion of       H   10   Play as a command card. if your Up-card is a small creature, add it  
Skyphos                     to your combat hand and make the medallion your up-card.

Mighty Tiki God    C   19   Play as a command card. Add 1d6 to your current primary match-up
                            creature's vitality for each bribery card you discard.

Oscar the Wonder   H    2   Return any spell you just cast to your storage and for 1 power stone.

Rock of far        H    5   Play during a primary match-up if your match-up creature is a giant.
rolling                     If your opponent's command card is a creature, tant creature is

Rosetta Stone      H    7   Play during Terrain settlement phase. Choose 5 cards from your
                            discard pile and add them to your draw pile. Reshuffle but keep
                            your Up-Card. Rosetta Stone cannot be chosen this way. Cost 1 stone.

Sarcophagus of     H   10   Play immediately after up-cards have been revealed. Add your up-card
Haldra                      to your Storage Hand, replacing it with the Sarcophagus.

Shroud of Grahzue  H   13   Play immediately after a primary match-up is revealed. Opponent's
                            non-bribable creature immediately return to his creature pen. Your
                            creature is considered an Unchallenged card in melee.

Standard of the    H    1   Play during a primary match-up. If you have an element as a command
Elements                    card, you may immediately use this card as a ranged attack, with a
                            strength equal to your command card's base vitality.

Tablet of Ancathus H   24   Play as a Command Card. If your first primary attacker survives
                            Combat, all of your other creatures gain that creature's terrain
                            bonus, losing any terrain bonus that they originaly had.

Voodoo Hat         H    5   Play on any shield in the disputed lands. During the terrain settle-
                            ment phase. This shield may not enter a stronghold card. The Voodoo
                            hat may only be removed or dispelled by burning 2 power stones.

Wheel of law       C   13   Play as a command card. Both players must play their lowest vitality
                            creature first, followed by the second lowest, etc. Ranged attacks
                            are allowed as normal.

Spells                UC#   Effects
Etherwave Magna Lock   30   Play on one of your creatures which is in a match-up with a flying
                            creature. Both creatures are destroyed.

Gateway to Mystfall     8   Play during the Draw and Organize phase. Bring up to 10 Vitality pts.
                            of fairies from your discard phase pile into your Storage Hand. Costs
                            1 Stone to play.

Grunwald the Ursuper   19   Play during the draw and organize phase, prior to drawing cards.
                            Treat all terrain cards whitout a shield on them as under your
                            control for determining number of cards drawn this turn.

Hostage Crisis         20   Play during the terrain settlement phase.One opponent of your choice
                            must show your the content of his creature pen. Gain 1 power stone
                            for every creature in the creature pen.

Master tactician        6   Play when one of your shields is forced to retreat. That Shield may
                            retreat to any adjacent unoccupied disputed land space.

Planes of Entropy       4   Play during the Draw and Organize phase. Ignore the number of cards
                            you are currently permitted to draw. Draw 1d6 cards instead.

Press Leak              5   Play as a command card. Your opponent must play the remainder of the
                            combat with his hand face-up. You must pick but not show your match-
                            up cards first.

Pulse Wave              4   Play as a command card. All of your channeling receivers are +2

Ragmort's Engineers    18   You may add one extra StrongHold Upgrade to either the left or right
                            Stronghold space, as long as it's diferent than any Upgrade which is
                            Already there.

Saboteurs              13   Detonate any creature Magic Item your opponent reveals before combat.
                            The item is discarded and your opponent uses 1 power stone.

Shadow Strike           3   Play immediately after up-cards are revealed. All up-cards are
                            discarded and new ones revealed.

Small mox              14   Remove 1 power stone from any one opponent's guardian and move it to
                            your own. Costs 1 stone to play.

Summon Entropy Storm   11   Play on your creature in a primary match-up. Roll 1d6. 1-4=Your
                            creature is destroyed, 5-6=Your creature wins the match-up. +1 to the
                            roll if your creature is small. no further modifications are allowed
                            by either player. Does not affect Guardians.

Warwick's Banishment   18   Play during the terrain settlement phase, next to one opponent's
                            discard pile. That opponent must pay 1 power stone each time a card 
                            is removed from the discard pile. May be dispelled at any time.

You can't see me, I'm   7   Play on an Undead creature currently in a primary match-up. Both 
a Vampire                   cards become Unchallenged cards in melee.

Standard Bearer       UC#   Effects
Dem Bones              15   Spend 1 power stone to change any bribery icon to any other bribery
                            icon during combat.

Dem Bones              19   +2 vitality to each of your creatures with at least one bribery Icon.

Terrain               UC#   Effects
Iron Crag Brew mountain 5   Counts as mountains terrain. No bribery by beer is allowed on this 

Spirit Mountain         1   Counts as mountains terrain. all spirits may receive channeling on
                            this space.

The Hollens Grove       9   Counts as woods terrain. Ranged attacks are allowed on this space.

The Maitz Motel        22   Counts as the Dry Heaps terrain. Dispel Magic may not be played
                            during combat on this space.

The S.S House of Babes 17   Counts as rivers and lakes terrain. No bribery by babes allowed on 
                            this space.

Shield                UC#
Dem Bones             3,7,14,16

Shield/Terrain        UC#   Effet
Dem Bones              15   Use as either a terrain card or as a shield card. If used as a Shield
                            card, the space this shield is on now has a 25 point vitality limit.

Stronghold Upgrades   UC#   Effects
Alarm Bell              6   Creatures under your stronghold card may defend that StrongHold card
                            when attacked. This card applies to all of your Stronghold cards, not
                            just the one that this Upgrade is attached to.

Ministry of tax         7   Stronghold's owner must burn one Power Stone if he has a Shield on
collector                   this Stronghold Card at the end of the Draw and organize phase. You
                            may play this Downgrade on an opponent's end Stronghold Card if there
                            is not already an upgrade there. Any Card which can affect a
                            Stronghold Upgrade can also affect this card.

Secret Catacombs       11   Place any one creature in the catacombs in the Draw and Organize
                            Phase. This creature may defend any of your stronghold cards when the
                            card is attacked. If it survives the creature must remain on the card
                            when combat took place and counts towards that card's vitality limit.

Sewage Backup          20   All defensive Vitality bonuses on this StrongHold Card are ignored.
                            You may play this DownGrade on an opponent's Stronghold Card if there
                            is not already un upgrade there. Any card wich can affect a
                            Stronghold Upgrade can also affect this card.

Wizard's tower          4   All channeling by creatures is +1 CMP from beneath this Stronghold

Strongholds                 Effects
Drifter's nexus(L,C,R)      1d6+1 vitality to defending creatures. Roll once before combat.