Each specific abilities can only be bought once. Some abilities are regroupments of specific abilities and they can be bought more than once but specific abilities whithin can only be bought once each. The number in parenthesis is the cost in CP for each specific abilities

Attribute Bonus(10): +1 to (Health or Fitness or Stamina or Muscle)
Close to Earth(10): Regenerate 1HP per 2 hours of sleep while sleeping on the earth(Rock counts). This is
                                  NOT cummulative with the usual method of regained HPs after a night of sleep exept for
                                  constituation bonuses.
Defensive Bonus(5): +1 AC while fighting in 10' or less passages.
Dense Skin(7): Damage from blunt weapons only does half damage.
Detect Poison(10): 1-4 on d6 to detect poison in food and drink.
Determine Stability(5): 1-4 on d6 to determine the stability of an area by concentrating 1 round.
Evaluate Gems(3): Evaluate within 10% the value of a gem.
Expert Haggler(X): Anything purchased costs 2% less per CP spent.
Hit Point Bonus(5): +1HP per HD.
Improved Brewing(X): +X on the Brewing proficiency roll.
Improved Engineering(X):+X on the Engineering proficiency roll.
Infravision(X): Gain infravision 30' per 2CP.
Meld into Stone(10): Once per day. As the priest spell of the same level.
Mining Detection(5): 1-3 on d6 to determine depth.
                                    1-4 on d6 to determine sliding/shifting walls.
                                    1-5 on d6 to detect slopes, grades in passages.
                                    1-3 on d6 to detect stone-work pits, traps and deadfalls.
                                    1-5 on d6 to determine the age of a stone-work construction.
                                     Must concentrate 1 round.
Saving Throw Bonus(10): Bonus against poison and magic based on health.
                                               4-6:   +1
                                               7-10: +2
                                             11-13: +3
                                             14-17: +4
                                             18-20: +5
                                             21-24: +6
                                                   25: +7
Special Ennemies(10): +1 to hit Orcs, Kobolds, Goblins and Hobgoblins. Ogres, Ogre Magi, Trolls, Giants,
                                         Gnolls and Bugbears have a -4 to hit.
Stone Tell(10): As the priest spell of the same level.
Tough Hide(10): Natural AC of 8 instead of 10.
Weapon Bonus(5): +1 to hit with (Axes or Crossbows or Maces or Picks or Hammers).

Each specific restrictions can only be taken once. Some restrictions are regroupments of specific
restrictions and they can be taken more than once but specific abilities whithin can only be taken once
each. The number in parenthesis is the number of CP each specific abilities gives.

Attribute malus(5): -1 to (Appearence or Leadership or Reason)