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Here's the Guardian cards I need. I may also pay for them.

Exploding Tweezle
Cheezy Con Souvenir Tweezle.


Here's the cards I have to trade:

Spell:    Chaos Summoner             Land Drake
Upgrade:  Large Idol                 Sacrifical Altar            Teleport Tower
Mortal:   Ancient Ogre               Archer                      Axeman
          Babe Hound                 Big Groaning Canker         Brap Back Goblins
          Brown Backs                Bulbous Clamjack            Bungee Bony Riged
          Captain                    Captain Red Nose            Cave Giant
          Cleric                     Corporal                    Cow
          Desert Giant               Drooling Clamjack           Elder Cave Giant
          Floyd The Flying Pig       Gn'Obby Gnome               Gn'Olegable Gnome
          Gn'Omish Gnome             Grand Avatar                Great Fanged Ogre
          Greedy Fiend               Grilbus                     Gringe Commander
          Gunner                     Haba Naba Daba              Haba Naba Kaba
          Horse                      Huge Rock Giant             Ice Ogre
          Idiot                      Idiot Fiend                 Jibber
          Lancer                     Mad Fiend                   Major Party Animal
          Marshal                    Master Gunner               Merchant
          Mule                       Na'Boob                     Paladin
          Party Animal               Pauly, the Official Parrot  Pesky Varmit
          Pig Dog                    Ploogak the Conqueror       Polar Ice Ogre
          Reverend Smilin' Jack      Rock Giant                  Seer
          Shadow Spy                 Slag Bunny                  Sloarch
          Snibs Bony Riged           Snogwart                    Speckled Clamjack
          Super Model                Swordsman                   Thackle
          Ugly Wart Fiend            Vampire Hunter              Varmit Archer
          Visionary                  Watcher                     Yard Rat
Elemental:Amber Well                 Angel                       Annihilator Cloud 
          Baal-a-Gog                 Baleful Eye                 Cherub    
          Darkness Elemental         Death                       Demon Horde of Kabod
          Devil Dog                  Devil Hedgehog              Djinn
          Doomwing                   Dreaded Doom Dog            Earth Elemental
          Earth Mother               Energy Leech                Energy Toad  
          Energy Well                Fire Elemental              Fire Walker    
          Greater Air Elemental      Ice Elemental               Ice Spirit      
          Iron Lord                  Light Elemental             Lorg Mole
          Magma Elemental            Mist Veiler                 Moon Spirit
          Mud Elemental              Primordial Goo              Rain Spirit 
          Rock Lord                  Rock Spirit                 Sand Lord   
          Sleeping Spirit            Smoke Spirit                Snow Daughter
          Spirit of the Forge        Stinking Spirit             Succubus
          Sun Spirit                 Tangle Web                  Thunder Hawk
          Trumpeter                  Vapor Elemental             Warrior Spirit
          Water Spout                Whispering Spirit           Wind Spirit
          Wood Spirit                Yandrax
External: Bantam Drake               Black Lung                  Black Unicorn
          Blackthwaite Jumper        Bold Mold                   Burrowing Barg
          Crook End Snooter  
          Cyclops                    Embryonic Witch             Femal Pixie  
          Female Titan               Giant Pinguin               Goldthwaite Jumper
          Grim Skull                 Groupie                     Hair-de-Hobbins
          Humungus Fungus            Iron Crag Baggler           Iron Crag Boggler
          Iron Crag Buggler          Kikijub                     King of Mystfall
          Lake Serpent               Leprechaun                  Male Pixie
          Male Titan                 Minataur                    Old Mold
          Phantom Stalker            Rock Rat                    Rogue Spectre
          Rot Rat                    Schneeble                   Shadow of Ashes
          Skeletal Minion            Slipery Slime               Sphinx
          Tiny Flying Fungus         Valkirie Spirit             Vampire
          Vampire Lord               Wailing Specter             Water Nymph
          Wild Nymph                 Will-o-the Wisp             Winterseed's Maiden
          Winterseed's Mistress      Wood Nymph                  Zombie
M. Items: Amulet of Flying           Anvil of Heaviness          Eye of Missile Mayhem
          Hammer of Doom             Heels of Speed              Holy Grail
          Monolith of power          Potion Move Essence         Rock of Skull Cracking
Guardian: Gaar                       Siin                        Tes Let
Spell:    Control Destiny            Detect Life Force           Dispel Magic  
          Energy Eater               Eye of Long Spying          Force Barrier 
          Helm of Brotherhood        Ice Storm                   Magic FeedBack
          Make Juice                 Pepe's Slow Down            Power Lunch
          St Ballantine's Evocation  Summon Gravity Well         Summon Gate  
          Vitales Dark Cloud
Bearer:   Angelic(13)                Angelic(19)                 Chicken(5)
          Chicken(12)                Dark(14)                    Demonic(4)
          Demonic(19)                Dragon(15)                  Dragon(19)
          Ox(5)                      Ox(19)                      Lightning(4)
          Lightning(14)              Skull(16)                   Skull(21)
          Snake(6)                   Snake(17)

Dagger Isle
Mortal:   Buzzard                    Cabin Boy                   Captain Hannibal Hawks
          Caring Guy                 Eagle Eye McFinny           Fangis The Hunter
          First Mate Muldoon         Giant Aunts                 Great Ba'Te      
          Great Black Ri'Shar        Groatie                     Gumbo Jake
          Hook Toed Gnasher          Knife of Shadow             Lying Scum 
          Manly Guy                  Necromancer                 Rotten Guy 
          Scurvy Dog                 Voodoo Wizard               Weasly Guy
Elemental:Angel of Death             Arwyddyn                    Captain Red Nosoid  
          Castellan Keir             Chephros                    Druk 
          Dust Geyser                Flame Geyser                HackThorn Strangler
          Holy Avenger               Kazarian Squawker           Koset of the light
          Lizard Skin Lynn           Magnate Justice             Monolith of Chaos
          Reverend Smilin' Jackoid   Roam Steam Geyser           Spirit Guide   
          Supermodeloid              Vensuni Inferno Swarm
External: Barrow Wight               Bone Fright                 Buster Scrimbo
          Cactus McFingers           Eldar Mighty Wizard         Great Horned Troll
          Green Missy                Grotto Troll                Hal, Toasis Dragon
          Howling Reaver             Jambo Slick, Smuggler       Jamchops the Trader
          Jonstolo the Seeker        Land Drake                  Lowland Troll
          Old Gumper                 Razor Shiefa                Razor Sliph
          Schneebolt                 Shadrune                    Slimwit Man
          Starling Dodd Boys         Valley Troll
Spell:    Arcane Infusion            Argammond's Vision          Assassin of Shadow 
          Channeling Flux            Crash                       Curse of Betrayed
          Cuthbert the Resurect      Essence of Babeitude        Famine
          The Hand of Chronos        Heisenburg's missile        Howl of the Dead
          Kasmir's Blitz             Ongo, Air Trafic Controler  Peace
          Phase Assassin             Pirate Double Cross         Pirate Raiding Party
          Santa's Beer Sled          Seraphim                    Soul Mirror 
          Sperctre's Ward            Summon Dimension Fire Well  Summon Loghammer Sapper
          War                        Warwick's Aura              Work Crew   
          Yap Attack
Upgrade:  Pirate Log Plateform       Ranged Attack Plateform     Spikey Crenelation
M. Items: Champs Wonder Dog          Oppressed Slaves            Petrified Heart   
          The Black Eye              The Great Balderoon
Shie/Terr:Angelic                    Demonic                     Dragon
          Goblin                     Skull                       Dark
          Lightning                  Chicken                     Ox 
Bearer:   Goblin(11)                 Goblin(16)

Drifter's Nexus
Terrain:  Iron Crag Mountain         Spirit Mountain             The Hollens Grove
          The Maitz Motel            The S.S House Babes
Upgrade:  Alarm Bells                Wizard's Tower
Mortal:   Annoying Gnats in the Hood Bruno Smashmouth Union Boss Buzz Vampire Mosquito
          Caddy                      Clamjack Bomber             Dead Eye McGrue
          Giant Babe                 Giant Shaman                Goat
          Golden Fleecer             Gopher                      Icky Bugs
          Jalupee Lobo               Lizards on the Toast        Phil Bar Fly
          Prince of the Lost         Professor Heisenburg        Red Master of Shadow
          River Giant                Soggy Bottom Gertz          Tanniker Smith
          Thief of Shadow            Tree Ogre                   Urufa Queen Goblins
          Zelda, Bag Lady Bug
Elemental:Baezhu Overlord Twist Ways Bob Snapping Gob            Garuda Kahn 1st Disciple
          Gnorg Overlord of Swamps    Initiate of Entropy        Ix Overlord of Waters
          Medecine Man               Mendu Sada The Havoc        Rey Overlorf of Trees
          Slor Overlord of Wastes    Uras Overlord of Mountains
          Xaz Thief Twilight         Zob Gurgling Gob
External: Barnacle Bazulee           Cratur Hobbs                Delilah Rangoon
          Longshot Louie             Slatch Willer
          The Amazing Cider-man      Tiger Baloo                 Vesuvious Rex
          Whalebone Rick             Woodland Troll              Woolverine
M. Items: 10 Gallon Vodoo Hat        Bagpipes of Fear            Disc of Siin
          Head of Gudea              Medallion SkyPhos           Mighty Tiki God
          Rock of Far Rolling        Sacrophagus of Haldra       Standard of Elements
          Wheel of Law
Spell:    Hostage Crisis             Master Tactician
          Planes of Entropy          Press Leak                  Pulse Wave
          Ragmort's Engineers        Saboteurs                   Shadow Strike
          Small Mox                  U can't C me, I'm a Vampire
Standard: Dem Bones(19)
Shie/Terr:Dem Bones

Necropolis Park
StongH.:  Complete                   Left                        Center
Guardian: K'Hutek                    Eisnmir
Terrain:  Barrow Downs               Jungle                      Rocks at Rhuadan
          Tomb of the Balzuru
Upgrade:  Lotus F. Water G.          Snake Pit                   Death Pit of Djoser
Mortal:   Blue Mountain Leechfoot    Buffy Evil Hornbag          Festus
          Festus(Misprint)           Humahuma                    Ishtar, Queen of the heaps
          Judge Dredge               Lucinda, Evil Hornbag       Mayor McEvil
          Mayor McFood               Mayor McGreed               Odious Clamjack
          Rye Beaner                 Sales Weasel                Scamp Jones
          Silver Server              Sneaky Varmit               Squibby
          The Minx                   Tiny Whining Cankerd        Wanda Evil Hornbag
Elemental:Ba Choomba                 Bellaret 3rd Called         Dachas Supreme Leader
          Doogop the Greedy          Drizzle Bone the Hack       Gehrund, Field Marshal
          Gorco                      Jimandu                     Jinshade 2nd Called
          Joomjaba                   Mocodabi                    Noknaga
          Rachur Field Marshal       Secauris                    Shackzu, Field Marshal
          Tavinmoor 1st Called
External: Dead Cats                  Eater of the Dead           Chief Lector Priest of Sethos
          Evil Baron Stoner          Fan Bearer                  FatBack Chak  
          Geldspar Court Magician    Greenback Chak              High Priest of Sethos 
          High Priestess of Isis     Imhotep, Visier of Djoser   Moheidra Mistress of Souls
          Mummy                      Nubian Slave Girl           Pharaoh Djoser
          Plague Walker              Priest of Sethos            Priestess of Isis
          Priest of Horus            Sebek, Queen of magicians   Slackback Chak
          Slim Jab                   Theib Master Scribe
M. Items: 40,000 Useless Warhammers  Ancient Tome Dispansation   Ankh
          Footlocker of Conflag.     Gift of Isis                Gift of Osirus
          Heliopolos the Temple Re   Obelisk of Bablos           Scarab of Bounty 
          Vestibule of Kabod         Voodoo Hat Rack
Spell:    Chant of Osirians          Dork Age                    Iron Force of Sethos
          Limited Big Time Rebate    MecHooter's Distraction     Morb's Revenge
          Shadow Bank Job            Shadow Beer Heist           Shadow Panty Raid
          The Ol'Switcheroo          Total Chaos                 U. R. First
          Warwick's Conversion
Standard: Egypt(11)           Egypt(25)