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Wanted Liste
  Character: Frodo
  Resources: Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe
             Eagle Mount, Elf Song, Elves of Lindon
             Ents of Fangorn, Far Travel in Dark Domains
             Far Travel in Free Domains, Gollum's Fate
             Narya, Palantir of of Anuminas
             Palantir of Osgiliath, Paths of the Dead
             Roac the Raven, Stone of Erech
             The Arkenstone, The Mithril Coat
             Wizardry Ring, Woses of Old Pukel Land
  Hazards  : Adunaphel, Agburanar, Akhoradhil
             Bane of the Ithil Stone, Call of the sea
             Hoarmurath of Dir, Indur Dawn Death
             Ren the Unclean, Rogrog, Siege
             Silent Watcher, Storms of Osse
             The Nazguls are Abroad, The Pale Sword
             The Precious, The Will of the Ring
             Traitor, Uvatha the Horseman
             Whitch King of Angmar, Words of Power and Terror

  Character: Thrain II
  Resources: Dragon's Hunger, The Riddle Game
  Hazards  : Bairanax, Black Breath, Earcaracxe At Home
             Frenzy Madness, Itangast, Scatha, Scoba,
             Song of the Lady, Wild Fell Beast

  Site     : The Under-Courts
  Character: Baduila, Elerina, Golodhaos, Saladhan, The Grimburot
  Resources: Aiglos, Balance Between Power, Choice of Luthien
             Eye of Mandos, Faith of the Ithil Stone,
             Hobbit Lore, Hour of Need, Into the smoking cone
             Ordered to kill, Pass the Dor of Dol Guldur
  Hazards  : My Precious, Spiders of Moria, The Black Ennemy's wrath

  Resources: Await the Unset, The White Hand
  Hazards  : Rolled down to the sea