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If you know of any other Weird or Promo cards that are not here, send me the information

I don't want Typo, different text layout or different text wording, they are too numerous
and they are not interesting enough to be considered.

Note:(c) = Command Card effect.
      VB = Vitality Base.
      VR = Vitality Red.
     OCB = Of Color Bonus(M: White, G: Grey, B: Black).
       S = Size(L: Large, M: Medium, S: Small)
       F = Flying(Yes or No)
      Br = Bribable(Ba: Babe, Be: Beer, Go: Gold)
      CR = Channeling Reciever(Yes or No)
      CH = Channeler(# of pts).
      #C = # of cards to draw each turn.
     LDL = Least disputed lands.
     MDL = Most Disputed Lands.
     LUC = Lowest Up-card.
      PS = # of Power Stones.
     CMP = Channeling Power.

Mortal          VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type    Effect
Fengis the       8     0G M N     N    Henchman +6 vitality vs. External.(The right type is 
Hunter                                          Animal. Found in a dagger Isle booster).

Festus           9     0G M N Be  N    Misc.   When Fighting in Mountains, Festus destroys
                                       Human   External.(The Off-color number is black. Found in
                                               Necropolis Park booster).

Elemental       VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type    Effect
Fire Elemental  14     0B M Y    N     Element 4 pt. AOE Fireball, has fire base attack. +2
                                               vitality in woods.(Doesn't have the type "Element"
                                               written. Found in the limited set).

External        VB VR OCB S F Br CR CH Type    Effect
Land Drake      18     6W L N Ba  N    Dragon  3 pt. AOE firebreath.(Off-color bonus is 6 instead
                                               of 5 + a couple minor weird thing. Found in a Scrye
                                               or a Duelist).

Barrow Wight     8     2W M N     N    Undead  +4 When secondary attacker. White dot.

Guardian VB  #C LDL MDL LUC PS CMP Effect
Magic Item       Type UC#   Effects
Exploding Twizzle  C  20    Play as a command card when attacking. Twizzle and your opponent's
                            Command card are both destroyed. Your opponent's command ability is
                            dispelled. Or Mail this card to FPG for a FREE box of Guardian
                            booster packs. Include $10.00 for S&H.(Found in Necropolis Park).

Spells                UC#   Effects
Chaos Summoner         9    Take any undead creature from your discard pile and add it to your
                            storage Hand. Play during the Draw and Organize phase. Cost 1 stone
                            to play.(It's a promo from a Scrye or a Duelist).

Standard Bearer       UC#   Effects
Terrain               UC#   Effects
Shield                UC#
Stronghold Upgrades   UC#   Effects
Strongholds               Effects
Bribery    UP#