Those skills can only be bought once each.

Called by a God(25): Each DM has their own set of gods to choose from which have their own restriction on
                                     weapons and attitudes.
Detect Alignment(5): By observing the attitude of an individual during, at least ,10 minutes, the character can
                                    detect his/her alignment.
Speak with animals(5): Once per day, as the priest spell of the same level.
Granted Powers(10): Each Gods can give their worshipers a set of powers linked to their priest sphere. Those
                                     Powers are less powerful than actual spells but raise in power as the character raise in
                                     level. A character as a maximum of one power per spell level, he receives one at first
                                     level and 1 each 2 level afterward. The powers may differ for each character worshiping
                                     the same God. The Paladin and Druid powers are good example of Granted Powers.
Empathy with animals(5): Befriend animals. It's automatic for domestic and non-hostile animals but wild
                                            animals must make a save vs rod modified by -1 per 3 level and the character must
                                            show that he's friendly. If it fails its saving throw, the player can adjust its reaction by 1
Priest Spell Duration Increase(10): All non-instantaneous spells last 1 round per 2 level.
Priest Spell Casting Reduction(5): All spells that has a casting time less than 1 round takes 1 less segment
                                                            to cast.