Each skills can be raised further, during play, with CP. See the Rogue Skill Modifiers page to calculate
each basic scores. Remember that all characters must put their base Thief Skill scores on their character
sheet. X is equal to 0 if no CP are spent in the skill.

Stealth(X): X = +1 on a d20 per 5 CP. Anyone suscesptible to perceive the character must make a perception
                   check with a modifier equal to the difference between the stealth score and the stealth roll.
Climbing(X): X = +1 on a d20 per CP.
Detect Noise(X): X = +1 on a d20 per CP.
Find/Remove Trap(X): X = +1 on a d20 per CP.
Bribe(X): X = +1 on a d20 per CP. A successful check would tell the character what he needs to bride
Escape Bonds(X): X = +1 on a d20 per CP.
Open Locks(X): X = +1 on a d20 per CP.
Pick Pocket(X): X = +1 on a d20 per 2 CP. The target makes a perception check modifier by the difference
                                   between the PP score and the PP roll. The target must not be aware of the pick pocket
                                   attempt so, a stealth attempt must usualy be attempted first
Pass Without Trace(X): X = +1 on a d20 per CP.
Sneak Attack(10): If the target is surprised, the character can make an attack at +4 at the back of the target.
                                The target surprise roll is modified by -3 if he's in stealth mode and was not perceived.
                                 If the hit is successful, the damage is multiplied. The multiplier depend of the character's
                                 level. Sneak attacks can only be done with small weapons or with missile weapons at
                                point blank exept thrown weapons.

1-4 X2
5-8 X3
9-12 X4
13+ X5

Scroll Use(X): X = +1 on a d20. The character can read any type of magical scrolls.
Read Languages(X): X = +1 on a d20. The character manage to understand that meaning of a writen language
                                     he doesn't know.